12 Vintage Wedding Hairstyles to Inspire Your Wedding Day Look

Something borrowed, something blue, something...vintage?

Inspiration for your wedding day can come from a number of places. Pinterest, Instagram, or even wedding videos. There’s no right or wrong place to get inspiration for your big day. When it comes to hair, we’ve been coming back to vintage wedding hairstyles as a source of some old-school meets modern-day hair ideas. These classic styles are full of charm and they’re guaranteed to be a timeless choice. Whether you’re trying to avoid trendier choices when it comes to your overall look and wedding day decor, or you’re just looking for a vintage-inspired style, we’ve got something that will work for you. Keep reading to check out our collection vintage wedding hair styles that are bound to inspire your wedding day look.

Vintage Wedding Hairstyles to Inspire

vintage wedding hairstyles 20s style
Perfect for a themed wedding.

1. 20s-Inspired Vintage Wedding Hair

vintage wedding hairstyles blonde bun with pearls
Incorporate a strong of pearls into a simple style.

Whether you’re planning a themed wedding or just have a soft spot for the 1920s, this flapper-inspired look is beautiful and super easy to create. Simply use a headband placed across retro curls to create this style.

2. Bridal Touch

vintage wedding hairstyles side part loose curls clips
Let the hair accessories do the talking.

If you’re not interested in wearing pearls but want to incorporate them into your wedding day look one way or another then you might want to consider threading them into your updo. Whether you opt for pearls, or another piece of jewelry, this is a great way to include family heirlooms into your big day.

3. Feel Like You

vintage wedding hairstyles pinned curls
This style works on a number of different hair types and textures.

It can be overwhelming to pick out your look for your big day. While you want to look dressed up and extra special you still want to feel like you! Opt for a small hair accessory and leave the rest of your hair down for a simple style that includes high color contrast.

4. Gather Your Curls

vintage wedding hairstyles head wrap
This style allows your entire look to blend seamlessly.

Leave your curly hair natural or create soft curls using a curling iron. To create, gather them up and pin them into place for a concentrated style that exposes your beautiful face. Use a mousse to keep your curls long-lasting throughout the day, We recommend using For Every Hair Type Smooth & Style Mousse for this look.

5. Bejeweled Vintage Wedding Hair

vintage wedding hairstyles flowers updo
Weave your flowers into your updo.

This style is not for the faint of heart. A strategically placed decorated head piece will keep your roots volumized all night long.

6. Tucked Flowers Vintage Wedding Hair

vintage wedding hairstyles deep side swept waves
Proof that there’s no such thing as too much drama.

Incorporate flowers into your wedding day hairstyle by tucking them into your updo. A great stylist will be able to create this jaw-dropping look for major impact.

7. Upgrade Your Curls

vintage wedding hairstyles retro curls updo side part
A deep side part is a key part of this look.

Upgrade simple curls with a super deep-side part. Gathering all your hair to one side will show off the top of your dress and your flawless makeup.

8. Pinned Up Curls

vintage wedding hairstyles rolled curls
Opt for rolled and pinned curls.

A classic for a reason, this look thrives on a deep-side part and perfectly pinned curls.

9. Rolled Curls Vintage Wedding Hair

vintage wedding hairstyles simple twisted updo
Keep it easy and simple.

This is a classic retro look that maintains the integrity of your curls in a beautifully pinned up look.

10. Simple is Sometimes Best

vintage wedding hairstyles tight curls
Brushed out curls are a more recent trend.

Pair understated flowers with a simple twisted updo for easy vintage wedding hair. Alllow for a long lasting style throughout the day with Nexxus Weightless Style Ultra Light Hair Spray.

11. Intact Curls

To achieve this look, create tight curls that go in towards your face. Tease the hair at your crown and pin a small portion up with a hair accessory of your choice.

Pull your hair away from your face into a cascade of tight curls.

12. Tight Curls & Beads

Pin your curls up into a cascade that falls over one shoulder and weave a string of jewels into the style. Place your veil in the back of the style so it falls in line with the curls for a seamless look. For an additional touch, add some volume to your hair with Suave Root Lifting Volume Boosting Spray.

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