13 Romantic Wedding Season Updos

Get glam for your wedding by rocking one of these gorgeous updos. 

Spring is just about the best time for a wedding celebration. Fresh air, pretty flowers and temperate weather make for the perfect occasion. As for styling spring weddings, we love wedding season updos that have extra touches, like twists and braids, that offers a style that looks romantic, chic and put together. To inspire you, we’re sharing 13 gorgeous wedding hair updos that are bound to be a hit on your big day.

Favorite Wedding Season Updos

wedding season updos for spring: twisted updo
A twisted style that’s perfect for the curly girls.

1. Twisted Chignon

This is our favorite updo for ultra-romantic weddings. Twists, curls, and tucked chignons make for the perfect combination! This style is beautiful on natural curls and curled hair alike. Starting with your pre-curled locks, take sections of hair on the sides of your head and twist backward. Pin the sections right in the center of the back of your head, making sure you’re keeping the top of your hair nice and voluminous. When you have all of the sides of your hair pinned back, you’ll be left with the length of your hair down. Take it all and roll upwards into a simple rolled chignon. Secure your style in place with some bobby pins and a healthy spritz of the TRESemmé Keratin Smooth Hairspray.

wedding season updos for spring: crossisant bun
A favorite style for long-haired gals.

2. Croissant Bun

Another romantic favorite is this super-royal croissant bun. This style is easy to create in two different ways. The first way uses pin curls. We like this style for hair that takes a little extra effort to stay in place. Follow our tutorial for creating pin curls! The key to this style is stacking the curls around your hairline. Keep going around, starting from your face and work backward. You’re done as soon as all of your hair is rolled up! For an easier alternative, follow our tutorial for a princess roll using an elastic headband as a guide.

Try one of these thirteen wedding season updos for spring!
Evenly placed floral pins are the perfect match.

3. Easy Floral Updo

This twisted updo is one of those styles that looks so much harder than it really is. The best way to make sure you get a professional result is to ensure the whole style is even and smooth. To create this style you’ll need to think about it in two parts. The first step is to create the rolled chignon. Start off by separating the first two inches of your hair around your hairline, ending at your ears. With the rest of your hair, brush backwards and roll upwards to the nape of your neck. Pin it in place and make sure it’s smooth and even before moving on. With the rest of your hair, create a part where you like it best. On either side, twist the entire section of hair backward down to the ends. Pin both twists above the chignon, and tuck the ends underneath. Finish off this style with some decorative floral pins for a sweet touch.

wedding season updos for spring: French twist
A rolled-up favorite.

4. Elegant French Twist

How great is this French twist? We love the simplicity of this classic hairstyle. We suggest following our tutorial for creating a French twist. It has step-by-step photos to help you get this perfect style. Just make sure to have some Catwalk by TIGI Camera Ready Shine Spray on hand for a gorgeous, silky finish.

wedding season updos for spring: elegant updo
A wedding updo you can do in minutes. Photo credit: indigitalimages.com

5. Loose Chignon

This loose chignon is so trendy right now but also classic at the same time, right? It’s easy enough to do, too! First, create a center part and a low, loose ponytail. Loosen up that ponytail as much as you can without pulling the front sections of your hair out of it. Then, you can create a loose chignon with the tail of your ponytail!

Try one of these thirteen wedding season updos for spring!
This messy style is the perfect complement for a silky dress.

6. Curly, Messy Updo

This wedding updo has just enough edge to make it extra-trendy. We like to style this look with a matte texture. To get the look on naturally curly hair, you can define your curls with the Bed Head By TIGI Manipulator Matte Cream. Then, you can create this look by following our tutorial for the Gibson Tuck hairstyle. When you’re done, pull on small sections of hair to get that textured, messy look.

wedding season updos for spring: ballerina bun
An easy-peasy style anyone can wear.

7. Classic Bun

The ballerina bun is a classic for a reason. Absolutely everyone looks good in a well-coiffed bun! You can create so many different styles that we adore. You can go for the standard ballerina bun, the double-bun twist, or even this beautiful updo bun with a twist!

wedding season updos for spring: box braid
Total woven perfection.

8. Box Braid Updo

Can we take a moment to appreciate the beauty of this box braid updo? It’s just that good. This style is created by making several three-strand braids with all of your box braids. It’s braidception! Then, take all those braids and pin them up so they work upwards towards the top of your head. Then, you can opt to work the ends into a top knot or weave them back into the braids.

wedding season updos for spring: pompadour updo
The more volume, the better. Photo credit: indigitalimages.com

9. Pompadour Updo

This fun pompadour is a great style to wear if you want a voluminous, eye-catching style. This style focuses on the front portion of your hair. Taking that front section, start by teasing the section from the back towards your hairline. Make sure not to tease the very front so it can look nice and smooth. Sweep the whole section back and pin it so that your style can stay in place all night. You can style the rest of your hair just about any way you like!  We are particular fans of the sleek top knot for a little contrast.

wedding season updos for spring: wavy updo
A classic style for your big day. Photo credit: Verity Jane Smith

10. Vintage Updo

Classic affairs require a vintage-styled updo! We especially love how this look incorporates fingerwaves and pretty clips for extra embellishment. And, the whole thing is all wrapped up in a simple-enough bun so you don’t have to worry about your hair while you boogie the reception away. To create this style on your own hair, follow our vintage updo tutorial. It’s easier than it looks! We promise.

wedding season updos for spring: top knot updo
A wide bun makes for a surprisingly chic look. Photo credit: indigitalimages.com

11. Voluminous Top Knot

If you want to make a statement out of a simple top knot, go for a big top knot. A bun the same width of your whole head creates quite the statement. Start this style by pulling your hair into a very tight, high ponytail. Then, you can take the tail, split it into sections, and roll and twist downwards. You can pin through the center of the rolls to hold them in place. When you’re done, you can set the whole style with the Suave Professionals Luxe Style Infusion Anti-Humidity Hairspray that will also hold down any little flyaway hairs, too!

wedding season updos for spring: ponytail
A gorgeous ponytail you can master in minutes. Photo credit: indigitalimages.com

12. Curly Flashy Updo

If you have shorter curly hair, you have the easiest updo of all time right up your sleeve. This gorgeous look is a ponytail. That’s it! You need to position it just so, to keep the ponytail sitting right on the crown of your head. Pull and fluff out your hair to create this voluminous look. Top it all off with a headband for good luck.

wedding season updos for spring: messy updo
Messy and elegant at the same time. Photo credit: indigitalimages.com

13. Messy Top Knot

Another option for your big wedding day is to dress down a fancy dress with a low-key hairstyle. We love the juxtaposition of this over-the top lacy dress and messy hair. To refine your messy top knot, add a deep side part to help give structure to your face as you let out face-framing wisps of hair. Be sure to use bobby pins instead of hair ties to create this messy, romantic look.

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