tutorial ballerina bun

Tutorial: How to Make a Stunning Ballerina Bun

A gorgeous ballerina bun style you can master in minutes.

Ballerina buns aren’t just for dancers or little kids. We think they are a pretty stylish way to rock an updo hairstyle that works for many different occasions. Seriously, we love how this style works when you are sweating it out at the gym or when you are killing it in the boardroom.

How to Make a Ballerina Bun

And, that’s not even all! Heading out for drinks? Rock a ballerina bun! Graduation coming up? Ballerina bun—it neatly fits underneath your mortar cap…score! Whether you’re a dancer or not, and no matter the occasion, check out our easy hair tutorial as you learn how to create this simple bun hairstyle that you can wear to work or play.


Part your hair.

Start with cleansed and conditioned hair by using Dove Hair Therapy Hydration Spa Hydrating Shampoo and Conditioner. Then, create a deep side part, then brush your hair to smoothen the surface, if needed. You can opt for a center part or no part at all.

ballerina bun tutorial comb hair

Create a low ponytail.

Begin by smoothing your hair back into a low ponytail. Use a boar bristle brush to promote shine and make sure there are no unwanted lumps and bumps in your ponytail. Make sure you get this as smooth as possible so that your ballerina bun comes out flawless.

ballerina bun ponytail

Add a hair tie.

Place hair tie at the base. If needed, brush the length of your hair to remove any knots.

ballerina bun hair tie

Twirl your hair.

Twist the hair from the base of ponytail to the ends to create a rope. Hold onto the hair with one hand and proceed to the next step.

ballerina bun twist hair

Create your bun.

Place your finger in the center of your bun and coil hair completely around. Your finger placement will create a neat finish and give a nice center detail to your bun.

ballerina bun

Finish twirling.

Hold hair taut and continue wrapping the ends around. Don’t worry about any flyaways at this point. You’ll be able to tame them during the last step.

ballerina bun

Secure your bun.

Place hairpins at and around the base to secure bun in place. You can be liberal with th eamount of pins you use, you want your ballerina bun to be clean and without any unwanted section popping out!

ballerina bun



Seal the deal!

Calm flyaways and give a smooth finish by completing your ballerina bun with the help of some TREsemmé TRES Two Ultra Fine Mist Hairspray. Bonus: it won’t leave your hair feeling sticky or stiff.

ballerina bun hairspray hold guide bun

That’s it! Wear this bun for virtually any occasion with confidence.

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