make donut bun on hair

Tutorial: How to Make a Hair Donut Bun

Whipping your hair into a neat bun has never been so easy.

Getting the perfect top knot can be really tricky at times. You know, that uneven, lop-sided looking finish after you wrap your hair into a knot? You try and you try again, but no luck! Annoying. Why don’t we nip that in the bud with a hair donut bun hairstyle? Kudos to whoever created this clever bun donut! Seriously, there’s no excuse to have a sloppy bun any more, and thankfully there’s no need to. Whether you want a neat top knot as a casual style or for a formal occasion, we’ve broken down how you can create a donut bun at home with these simple steps.

Stylish and Easy Hair Bun Donut


Create a high ponytail.

Before you create your style, you’ll want to start with clean and conditioned hair. Try out Suave Moroccan Infusion Shine Shampoo and Suave Moroccan Infusion Shine Conditioner. Make sure your hair is at least 90% dry. Then pull hair up into a high and tight ponytail. The crown of your head is the ideal area for this hairstyle. Secure hair in place with a hair tie.

hair donut bun pull hair up into a high ponytail

Slide donut bun onto your hair.

Slide donut over your ponytail, making sure it sits in place right over the hair tie.

hair donut bun adding your bun

Let the bun sit at your hair.

Bun donut should sit on top of your hair tie as shown in the image above.

bun donut on hair

Split hair into two sections.

Separate the middle of your ponytail into two sections. This will make the bun process easier. During this step, you can your brush hair to remove any tangles.

hair donut bun separate your hair

Wrap hair around.

Take the free ends from each section and wrap the hair around the bun donut, making sure it’s fully covered—gotta’ hide your secret weapon!

hair donut bun wrap your hair around

Secure with hairpins.

Tuck in the ends of your hair to hide them, then secure your bun in place with hairpins.

hair donut bun secure with hair pins.

Finish with some hairspray.

Finish off your stylish bun by giving it a bit of hold and to calm flyaways with some hairspray, like TREsemmé TRES Two Extra Hold Hair Spray.

hair donut bun hairspray

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