Need a new hair regimen?
Need a new hair regimen?

Tutorial: Modern French Twist for Prom

An oldie but always goodie.

The big-ticket night is high on your radar, and so goes your anxiety levels. After you’re done scouring social media for the so-called latest and hottest (read: tired) hairstyles out there, we’d like to offer another, more classic solution: the French twist. This definitively glam updo has stood the test of time and a fickle fashion landscape, due to its ease of wear and timeless flattering appeal.

Click on for some steps to looking like a modern-day princess—did we say princess? We meant Prom Queen—in this oldie-but-fabbie. Let’s French twist again, mes chéries!

How to Create a Fun, Modern French Twist for Prom

Step 1

Tease your hair.

Start with dry hair. If you find that your hair is greasy, use some of Bed Head by TIGI Oh Bee Hive! Dry Shampoo. Then, part your hair down the middle and leave the hairline untouched. Using a rat-tail or fishtail comb, begin by teasing the hair starting at your crown using a “backcombing” (or top-to-bottom) technique on the strands. Careful of breakage, and try to be as gentle as possible.




french twist rat-tail comb
Step 2

Finish your pouf.

By this point, the entire crown and a few inches beyond it should have been backcombed and volumized to eternity. Refine your front sections by smoothing the strands down with a fine-toothed comb to create some interesting contrast, or leave as is for an edgier, more street-style feel.

French twist teasing can cause split ends
Step 3

Make a low pony.

Lightly gather all of your hair (loose hairline sections included) into a low ponytail at your nape. Smooth any frizz or flyways with Suave Biotin Infusion Anti-Breakage Serum. Make sure not to tug too tightly, as your new baby beehive might deflate if you do so.


French twist low ponytail base
Step 4

Secure the edges with bobby pins.

Holding the ponytail gather in one hand, begin affixing some bobby pins around the perimeter of your pony with your other hand. The closer to the middle of your head, the better!

French twist ponytail secured with bobby pins


Step 5

Place more pins under the bump.

Using bobby pins, create a faux ponytail by criss-crossing pins on both edges of your pouf. Make sure the entire ponytail is secure and firmly pinned to your scalp. This ends Phase 1 of your French twist.


French twist secured with more bobby pins on crown
Step 6

Twist the lengths over your pony.

The party begins here: Twist the lengths of your free-falling pony over and around the base of your bump, covering the pins as you roll. Begin affixing the roll to your scalp with a few more bobby pins on the underside and edges.

French twist twirl over pins
Step 7

Secure the edges with (more) pins.

You’re almost there! Tuck in any unwanted strays (we love to keep a few wisps at the hairline for #drama) with more well-hidden pins, ideally in a straight line. You’ll know when your style feels secure, as there won’t be that much give or wobble when you move around.

French twist hairstyle
Step 8

Hairspray and you're done.

Et voilà, you’re all set! For some dancefloor security (and peace of mind), lightly mist your twist with some firm-hold hairspray like Nexxus New York Salon Care Maxximum Finishing Mist to keep the look intact.



best prom hairstyles french twist

Have you ever worn a French twist?

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