brunchy high ponytail hairstyles

Why High Ponytail Hairstyles Are Our Fave Weekend ‘Do

Welcome to your 30-second facelift with the high ponytail.

New York City, drama queen that she is, is having yet another weather identity crisis. Last week was all about blustery spring winds and the occasional light shower; cut to literally, what, six days later, and we’re toggling between torrential downpours and scorching, fried-egg-on-sidewalk temps. And to this we say no biggie—yeah, we’re damn near used to it by now, and just like anything in nature backed in an evolutionary corner, we’ve learned to adapt. Our weapons of choice? Lots of iced beverages, as well as lots of cute high ponytail hairstyles to help us, quite literally, look fresh while out and about.

Flip through any magazine or beauty site, and you’ll see tons of variations of the humble ponytail; it’s a classic style after all, and penultimate in versatility and functionality. But of all the variations we’ve come across in our time—and at All Things Hair, we’ve certainly seen a lot—top knots and high ponies are definitely ones we don’t mind having on repeat, particularly this season.

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The high pony is the quickest, most painless facelift out there. It draws the eye upward and literally lifts your features, with the height of the pony giving it a more high-fashion twist in the process. And like any New Yorker worth her salt, it’s also a champion multitasker: It has no problem getting down to business on the treadmill, at work, in da club, wherever. High ponytail hairstyles are the unofficial hair uniform for girls #doingthings (even if it’s simply slaying on the streets) and the fact that it’s a two-minute look—maybe three tops, with hairspray—is just gravy.

And since it looks like we’ve gotten an early start to summer, the high pony is definitely gearing up for a lot of airtime. Here’s a list of places we’re showcasing our own pretty little high ponytail hairstyles this weekend:

high ponytail hairstyles for the gym
Casual high ponies are equally at home in the gym or on the street. Photo credit: Allyson Alapont

1. At the Gym

Aside from braids and a top knot, a high pony rounds up the list of best gym hairstyles ever invented. It keeps the hair out of your face, the sweat off your nape, your vision free and unobstructed, and even stays politely out of the way when you’re lying on your yoga mat. It’s also totally practical and is slightly cuter-looking than that mid-height pony (it just is). No argument here, really.

brunchy high ponytail hairstyles
A high pony is such a pretty foil for your breezy summer wardrobe.

2. At Brunch

Hello once again, sidewalk sangria club! If you’re anything like us, you’ve already been breaking out those charming sundresses and ruffled tops perfect for these occasions (the occasion being not winter), and a high pony matches these looks to a T. It’s basically the go-to look for Ladies Who Brunch—perky with a casual-cool feel, it echoes the laid-back vibe of the weekend without looking sloppy. Like you actually made an effort, even if you actually just rolled out of bed 20 minutes ago.

polished high ponytail hairstyles
Looping a thin section of hair around your elastic gives it a polished, evening-ready touch.

3. For Girls’ Night

Whipping your hair back and forth? Sexy, but gets old (and sticky, and sweaty) pretty quickly, especially during club-hopping in this weather. Stand out from the over-styled, over-coiffed crowd with a simple, chic high ponytail. It’s a confident choice for a night out—your features are on full display, with no forgiving sheath of hair to seduce behind—and one that also speaks volumes without saying a word. Definitely the more elegant choice ideal for the alpha divas of your crew. Bonus: It’s dance-floor friendly!

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