7 Romantic Flower Updo Ideas

Add a feminine and romantic touch to any look.

Much like a perfectly tailored dress or a swipe of some red lipstick, a romantic hairstyle has the power to make us feel effortlessly beautiful. This style serves as a one-stop shop for a dose of femininity and allure as well as one of our go-to ways to instantly feel great about our overall look. While we generally think of big Hollywood curls, or maybe an intricate braided style when prompted with the phrase ‘romantic hairstyles,’ today we’re exploring how to get this look with a chic flower updo. This Pinterest favorite requires expert styling to craft your hair into the shape of a beautiful flower whereas other flower updo hairstyles incorporate the use of real flowers. Whatever style you’re seeking, we have you covered in our floral updo roundup. Read on to check out seven cool ways to wear this feminine look.

Romantic Flower Updo Ideas

flower updo bleach blonde tucked flowers
These elegant twists create the perfect updo to tuck flowers into.

1. Tucked Flowers

Incorporate real flowers into your flower updo by creating elegant twists to house them. This starts by creating waves using a large-barreled curling iron and set them with a spritz of a strong-hold hair spray like the TRESemmé Tres Two Freeze Hold Hairspray. Then shape the waves into an updo to create a vine-like pattern as you tuck some flowers into the empty spaces.


flower updo clustered flowers brunette
Possibly the most romantic option of this entire collection.

2. Twisted Flowers

We think of this style as one of the most romantic options in this collection because of the twists incorporated into the style. A small flower tucked into the side of this twisted flower updo adds an extra floral touch.

flower updo light brown hair rosette
Pair real flowers with a flower updo.

3. Simple and Sweet

Create a quick and easy rosebud style by twisting your hair into a quick bun. Create a ponytail and wrap the tail around the base to create a rosebud shape. Pin it into place with a few bobby pins. Add a few real flowers to your hair, if inclined.

flower updo swirl clustered flowers brunette blonde
Combine two trends with this intricate style.

4. Clustered Flowers

Create a collection of tiny roses in your hair by coiling curls as tight as possible and pinning them into place. Create tiny three-strand braids out of random strands and weave them in between the flowers for a little bit of extra visual interest.

flower updo swirled rosette blonde hair
A sleeker version of the classic flower updo.

5. Swirled Rosette

This sleek flower updo is what we like to think of as a floral version of the classic twist. Coil an extra thick strand of hair at the top of the style for a rose shape. Consider combing a touch of the Suave Professionals Firm Control Sculpting Gel through your hair before creating the style for easy shaping.

flower updo three flower buns small gems
Why wear one flower when you can wear three?

6. Triple Threat

This floral updo style will require a little bit of help from a professional hairstylist or a creative friend. We love this look for a range of events. From your senior prom to a wedding to your debut as a maid of honor, this chic look is sure to become one of your go-to styles again and again.

flower updo textured hair flowers
Perfect for if you’re in the ‘there’s no such thing as too many flowers’ camp.

7. Flower Overload

If by searching for ‘flower updo’ you had something more lively in mind, then consider this deconstructed flower crown. Play up your texture by letting a simple updo act as a base for an overload of flowers. We especially love this Avant-garde look for a summer wedding.

Looking for more updo styles? Check out our tutorial for how to create a Gibson Girl updo.

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