Tutorial: How to Create Hollywood Curls

A flawless and sexy curly hairstyle for any occasion.

Hollywood curls are one of the most sought after hairstyles for fancy occasions. It’s one of those vintage-inspired hairstyles that every girl should know how to do in a matter of minutes, especially when you have to attend a special event at the very last-minute. Hollywood curls don’t always need to be worn to a fancy outing, though. You can definitely downplay the look and make it look less glamorous while still being stylish. A simple way to do this is by pairing up this hairstyle with a more casual ensemble, or make the curls less defined by aiming to create a wavier version of the curl. Want to recreate the look? Read on to learn more about how you can create Hollywood curls on your own hair.

Easy Way to Create Hollywood Curls

woman with dark brown hair wears hollywood curls outside
Want a more everyday look, try using a hair wand for a wavy effect.

Step 1: Wash hair with a volumizing hair care system.

To begin, start off with clean hair. We recommend using a hair care system like the TRESemmé Beauty-Full Volume hair care system that’ll give your finished look some amazing volume. First, apply the pre-wash conditioner to wet hair and rinse. Then apply the shampoo. Rinse, lather, and repeat. Towel dry your hair, then apply TRESemmé Beauty-Full Volume Touchable Bounce Mousse concentrating on the roots —this is where the volume (a.k.a the magic) begins! Bonus: it will make your curls feel really soft and natural.

Step 2: Blow-dry your hair.

Part your hair to the side and then blow-dry with a round brush to create even more volume. Starting from the back of your head, position the hair brush underneath the roots of each section of hair and place the blow-dryer with concentration nozzle attached at the top. Blow-dry your hair from the root-to-ends, continuing this process throughout your entire head. When you get to the front section of your hair, blow-dry in the direction you want your hair to fall. In this case, for the Hollywood look, blow-dry your hair up and away from the face.

Step 3: Create your curls.

Using a large curling iron, you’re now going to create loose and sexy curls. Section your hair starting from the back and clip away the rest of your hair. Place the curling iron to the mid-shaft of your section, then twirl your hair around the barrel. Hold for a few seconds then release. After each curl, pin curl the section. This will help set the curls. If you want a more wavy version of the curl, opt for a hair wand instead. Point the wand downward and wrap your hair around the barrel for a few seconds and release.

Step 4: Release the pin curls.

After curling your entire head, remove your pin curls. Comb or brush through your hair to give it a fluffy and natural-looking finish.

Step 5: Complete the look.

Use TRESemmé Beauty-Full Volume Flexible Finish Hairspray to lock in your look. This hairspray will help keep your Hollywood curls hairstyle vibrant without leaving your hair stiff or sticky.

woman with dark brown hair wears loose hollywood curls
Wear this look throughout the season! It’s such a versatile hairstyle!

Pro tip: To get the most out of your look, pin curl your hair at night and sleep on a silk pillowcase, or with a satin bonnet. In the morning release your pin curls, massage hair at the roots to help revive volume. Smooth a hair serum onto your hair if you need any extra shine. If hair becomes greasy throughout the week, apply dry shampoo at your roots, massage it in then gently brush through the hair.

Have you tried out this Hollywood curls tutorial on your hair?