Half Up Half Down Bun Hairstyles: 24 Styles to Try

Alyssa François | 04 September 2018

Just a couple more ways to style the hairstyle trend that we just keep lovin’.

The half up half down bun hairstyle is a hair trend we have yet to give up on. And why would we? The look is chic and easy, and there are plenty of ways to spruce it up so it doesn’t look like everyone else’s. If you’ve found yourself all out of ways to style this trendy updo, we’ve got your back. Below, we’ve rounded up a couple of our favorite ways to style the look so you can stand out from the crowd:

Half Up Half Down Bun Hairstyle Ideas

half up half down afro
A cute little top knot ‘fro.

1. Top Knot Afro

Have fun with afro styles. Brush out your ‘fro for a fluffy and voluminous effect, then gather your mid-section into a bun and secure with hairpins.

half up half down bun
Effortless beach waves with an imperfect bun to match.

2. Beach Wave Half Up Half Down Bun

There’s nothing better than a beach wave hairstyle with a texture that reminds you of the ocean breeze. Create this effortless look with the help of Bed Head by TIGI Queen Beach Salt Infused Texture Spray if you’re recreating this look at home.

half up half down bow bun
Chic half bow bun. Photo credit: Dvora

3. Half Up Half Down Bun With a Bow

Got a fancy event on your agenda? Turn the trendy half up style into a polished and more refined look. Learn how you can create a bow bun with our simple tutorial.

half up half down bun braided bun
The simple braided bun style.

4. Braid Half Up Bun

We all know there are so many ways to create a braided hairstyle. Add this half up style to your list!

half up half down cornrow bun
Spice it up with a few cornrows.

5. Cornrow Half Up Bun

If you want a funkier look, jazz up your half up top knot style with cornrows. Create three mini French braids at the center of your hair, then wind the ends of your hair into a bun.

half up half down curly hair
Give your wash-and-go a new twist with this simple style.

6. Wash and Go Half Up Bun Style

You know those days when you just don’t know what to do with an old wash-and-go? Try your hand at this half up bun. The more lived-in your curly texture, the better.

half up half down flower bun
The floral bun. Photo credit: Dvora

7. Floral Buns

Stand out from the crowd with this girly floral bun style. It’s so easy to do! Try our floral bun tutorial to get the look.


half up half down gray hair
The style looks even better on gray hair. Photo credit: indigitalimages.com

8. Gray Hair Bun

Mix two trends at once! Gray hair is one of those hair color trends that’s taking longer to die down than we thought. Keep the look fresh by constantly changing the way you style the look. This half up bun is a great place to start.

half down half up box braids high knot
The super high box braid knot.

9. High Box Braid Knot

Pull your braids out of your face with this super high box braid top knot style.

half up half down lob
Update your lob with this half up half down bun. Photo credit: indigitalimages.com

10. Lob Bun

What we love about the length of the lob haircut is that you can still pull your hair up into an updo whenever you want. Try this stylish loose bun on your lob.

half up half down: bun long hair
Gather your long hair up into this easy style.

11. Extra Long Hair Half Bun

Sleek and bone straight extra long hairstyles were hot on the red carpet. For a more playful take on the trend, mix it up with a wavy texture and a loose top knot to match.

half up half down bun bob
Who said bob cuts can’t do buns? Photo credit: Dvora

12. Bob with Half Up Bun

While your bob haircut may not be long enough for a complete bun, that doesn’t mean you can’t do one at all! Gather the top half of your hair into a half bun and you’re golden.

half up half down bun loose braid
Turn a loose braided pony into a cute bun.

13. Loose Braid Bun

This hairstyle is so easy, you could do it in your sleep. Gather the top half of your hair into a ponytail and create a loose braid. Secure the end of the braid by backcombing and wrap it around into a bun and done!

half up half down street style bun
The half up half down bun is perfect for street style pics.

14. The Street Style Bun

The street style set knows this best: To get captured by the photographers you have to be wearing the latest trends from head to toe with your own unique spin on the look. During NYFW season, head out with your idea of the half up bun. You can start with this bun style above and pair it up with a pair of über stylish frames.

half up half down bun mid bun
Pull your braids up into this mid bun style.

15. Athleisure Bun

Since athleisure attire is such a big thing these days, why not complete the look with a hairstyle to match? Wear this sporty half up bun to the gym or out to hang with the girls.

half up half down bun mid section box braids
Pull just your midsection of braids into a top knot.

16. Subtle Accessories

Add braid or hair charms to your braids and on your bun for a simple update.

half up half down bun ombre
Update your ombré style with a half up bun. Photo credit: Suzanne Cohen Photography

17. Ombré Bun

Growing tired of your ombré style? Don’t give up just yet. Try new styles to make the color feel fresh while you think of your new look. Add TRESemmé Keratin Smooth Color Shampoo and Conditioner to see your ombre silky smooth and vibrant.

half up half down bun purple hair
Two trends in one. Have fun with buns and purple hair this season.

18. Purple Bun

This season, have fun with whatever hair color you decided to try. Play with different hairstyle trends like this donut bun-inspired half bun hairstyle.

half up half down space bun
Double the buns with space buns.

19. Half Up Space Bun

Space buns are back and it’s all about wearing looks that don’t seem childish. We love the mature look and feel of this undone space bun half up style from the runway.

half up half down spiraled bun
Try your hand at a romantic look. Photo credit: Suzanne Cohen Photography

20. Romantic Bun

Steal a look from the runways and bring it to real life. This romantic half up bun is perfect for date night or fancy occasions.

half up half down twisted bun
Bun with a twist!

21. Twisted Box Braids Half Up Bun

Box braids are one of our favorite protective hairstyles. There are so many styles you can create with the look. Try this coiled half bun style on your box braids for a stylish update.

half up half down two braid bun
Why do one braid when you can do two?

22. Double French Braid Bun Half Up Style

Don’t want a bun everyone else has? Try something different. We love this double French braid bun half up style.

half up half down undone bun
Undone and simple.

23. Undone Bun

Women with extremely sleek and silky hair often have difficulty creating styles with a messy texture. The trick to creating this look is dry shampoo (to soak up any oil) and a comb. Use Dove Refresh+Care Fresh Coconut Dry Shampoo and a comb to tease your hair by backcombing. Finish by setting with a hairspray.

half up half down disheveled bun
Disheveled and wavy.

24. Disheveled Half Up Half Down Bun

Looking for a simple style for busy mornings? You can create this disheveled half up bun on the fly.

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