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Contour with Highlights: How to Use Hair Color to Flatter Your Face

Your most flattering hair color yet.

Minimalism is having a moment in the beauty industry and as much as we’re big fans of any opportunity to get glam, we aren’t too upset at the thought of a simpler hair and makeup routine. As we all start to pare down our routines and prioritize just the most important products, we’ve seen beauty editors and influencers alike investing a good portion of time and energy into an expert contour. The best contour will flatter your unique angles and help you put your very literal best face forward. And as the contour trend has quickly become more than a passing fad and rather a very real staple in every beauty routine, it’s extended into hair coloring, as well. By contouring with highlights you can utilize your hair color to flatter your face in the most effective ways.

How to Contour with Highlights

contour long waves
Lighten up in the most flattering way.

We want to start by saying that hair contouring is a job best saved for the experts. Hair colorists are trained to understand the hair color range and what highlight heights your particular strands are capable of reaching. Not every virgin hair color is suited for every color trend and the right colorist will give it to you straight in order to maintain the integrity and health of your hair. Your dreams of ash blonde Pinterest-inspired highlights might not be attainable, but there is likely a more flattering alternative out there for you.

The secret to a flattering hair contour is finding a highlight color that flatters your overall coloring. Your hair colorist can do a color match for you and find a lighter color that flatters your skin, eye and base hair color in a way that brightens you up rather than washing you out.

After that, it’s all about highlight placement. Your strategy here is important in very much the same way you are strategic about where you place your contour on your face. (That’s below your cheekbones, around your temples and hairline, and below your jawline for all the newbies out there.) Think of your hair highlights the same way. Darker colors can serve as a flattering base around your face while lighter colors should be scattered throughout and placed above eye-level. The eye is naturally drawn up to where the lightest colors that stand out are so by placing them higher up your highlights can serve as an instant facelift.

contour curly highlights
Raise your highlights up to eye level.

As far as hair care goes, you’ll want to be careful about which products you apply to your newly colored strands. The right care will extend your color and give you more time between appointments while the wrong moves can do damage to your strands.

We suggest using Catwalk by TIGI Oatmeal & Honey Shampoo and Catwalk by TIGI Oatmeal & Honey Conditioner as your wash and care go-to products. This duo will be gentle on your hair as it cleanses and will give you a thorough clean without stripping your strands.

You’ll also want to try and extend the time in between washes in order to extend the quality of your color. We love using Dove Refresh + Care Volume and Fullness Dry Shampoo because it refreshes our hair and adds volume at the same time.

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