How to Do a Topknot: How to Create The Chic Half-Neat, Half-Messy Look

What's chic, classy, but not too stuffy? This slightly messy top knot updo style.

how to do a topknot final look



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While we love the easy top knot updo, you might be surprised to learn that there’s not just one way to create this look. There are actually tons of different ways in which you can create this fun hairstyle all based on the amount of time you have, the style you desire and the occasion where you’ll be wearing it. You can wear it neat and tight like a ballerina bun or you can try your hand at the modern, messier version—because messy hairstyles are clearly the It Girl look of the moment that we’ve been seeing all over our Instagram feeds. If you can’t decide, however, you can wear a style that combines all three: Neat bun, mussed-up tendrils to frame your face and a not so tight hairstyle that it will give you a non-surgical facelift. Score!

With this versatile combo top knot hairstyle, you can effortlessly pull out your wispy tendrils to finish up this updo bun hairstyle that is sure to add a chic yet slightly messy look to your style. Below, we’ve got a quick and easy tutorial on how you can create super easy top knot updo with this wispy effect. Read on to learn how to do a top knot in just 10 minutes:

How to Do a Topknot Bun: The Mussed-Up Version


Detangle your hair.

This top knot updo hairstyle doesn’t necessarily have to be created on freshly washed hair. However, your hair does need to be detangled and knot-free. Use a paddle brush, like the Ibiza CX2 Paddle Hair Brushto gently detangle your hair from ends to root.

how to do a topknot tutorial starts with hair down

Apply dry shampoo.

If your hair is a bit on the oily side, apply TRESemmé Fresh Start Basic Care Dry Shampoo to your greasy areas and work the product throughout your hair with your fingers. This product works to revive dry, dull hair, leaving your hair feeling clean and healthy without any residue! If needed, you can go back in with your brush and detangle again. For more body, you can also try a volumizing formula like Dove Refresh+Care Volume+Fullness Dry Shampoo.

how to do a topknot use dry shampoo

Create your bun.

Use your hands to gather all of your hair into a high ponytail, don’t worry if it’s not perfect! Then wrap the ends of your hair around into a bun. Secure your bun hairstyle in place with some bobby pins. To create the disheveled look to your style, pull out a few pieces of your hair around the hairline area. Enhance the messy effect of your tendrils by backcombing the pulled-out pieces of hair.

how to do a topknot tutorial add hair pins

Set with a hairspray.

To make sure your bun lasts all day long, finish your look off by spraying your hairstyle with firm-hold hairspray. We like the TRESemmé TRES Two Extra Hold Hairspray for this style because it keeps annoying frizz and flyaways at bay.

how to do a topknot bun apply hairspray

Final look.

Now you’re ready for your close-up! Sport this look out for brunch, after-work drinks or dress it up for a formal event!

how to do a topknot final look

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