Tutorial: The Haute High Ponytail, 2 Ways

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The high ponytail is certainly a classic, earning prime real estate on crowning glories of women everywhere. The high pony is so versatile—the fashion directionalist and your everyday gym enthusiast have most likely whipped it out this year at some point—and recent throwback-happy seasons, where 1990s-inspired top knots and updos suddenly saw a revival on the streets, had this look earning its stripes for good. It did what most viral looks aim for but sadly fail to achieve: It aced that combo of being unusual, but also pretty damn easy.

The high ponytail has many positives aside from getting your mane off your face (a gift that goes without saying). Some mention an instant facelift; others point out its long-lasting runway mileage; even more enjoy the blatant ’90s references the trend gives. Whatever the reason, we’re clearly not putting this super cute look on the backburner anytime soon. Check out this fun day-to-night version and try to disagree:

Step 1

Gather your hair.

Brush your hair towards your crown. Hair hack: while brushing your hair up, bend your head backwards. This will help reduce any puckering at the back of your head.

high ponytail step 1
Step 2

Secure your ponytail.

Hair hack: secure your ponytail with two hair bands to help give it more lift.

Hugh ponytail step 2
Step 3


Take a one inch section of hair and wrap it around the base of your ponytail. Secure it discreetly with a pin.

high ponytail step 3
Step 4

Add more volume.

Backcomb the ponytail to create extra volume and give the illusion of height.

high ponytail step 4
Step 5


Perfect the style and set with some strong hold hairspray like Nexxus Styling Maxximum Finishing Mist.

high ponytail step 5
Step 6


Your high ponytail is ready to hit the town!

high ponytail step 6
Step 1

Start on clean hair.

Refresh with a dry shampoo, or start on freshly washed locks. A strengthening system, like Nexxus Keraphix Damage Healing Shampoo and Nexxus Keraphix Damage Healing Conditioner helps rebalance strands and repair broken bonds, smoothing things over for your ponytail. Rinse well and towel-dry.

high ponytail on clean hair
Step 2

Prep with a pre-styler.

A priming mist, like TRESemmé Repair & Protect 7 Pre-Styling Spray (not pictured), detangles and helps shield hair from mechanical heat, as well as controls frizz.

pre-styler for a high ponytail
Step 3

Apply evenly.

Spritz product from lengths to ends, coating hair evenly.

apply styler evenly onto high ponytail
Step 4


Infuse more polish into your high ponytail by blow-drying hair beforehand. Run a round brush on the underside, directing airflow downwards to smooth down the strands.

blowdry before a high ponytail
Step 5

Gather your hair up.

Using a fine-toothed comb, gather your hair up into your high ponytail. Ensure a smooth, refined base by combing thoroughly at the hairline and detangling any bumps or knots.

gather hair up for a high ponytail
Step 6


At a loss to the perfect height? Use your ears as your base. Your basic high ponytail should rest right at your crown. To find where this is, hold the length of your fishtail comb diagonally against your head, right on top of your ear. The highest point is where your ponytail lies.

align your high ponytail
Step 7

Tie it off.

Secure with a hair tie. Note: Pinch free a small strip of hair from directly below your pony to use for looping around the base.

tie off your high ponytail
Step 8

Make a baby accent braid.

For the intermediates, a braid can act as a pretty camouflage tactic for your hair tie. Weave a skinny accent braid onto that loose strip of hair and tie it around your ponytail, hiding the elastic as you do so.

loop a braid around the base of your high ponytail
Step 9


Secure the braid onto your high ponytail with a bobby pin.

secure the high ponytail braid with a pin
Step 10

Backcomb the tail from end to mid-shaft.

Fine-haired women can benefit from a more volumized ponytail. Tease the tail a bit to create a bit of lift.

tease your high ponytail
Step 11

Finish with hairspray.

A light mist of brushable, frizz-resistant hairspray, such as Suave Professionals Luxe Style Infusion Anti-Humidity Hairspray, helps keep your pony smooth and fuzz-free. Done!

high ponytail final
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