Tutorial: How to Create a Simple French Twist

A twisted updo that won't ever go out of style.

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Every girl should know how to master at least one formal vintage hairstyle, like the French twist updo style. You never know when you have an occasion that calls for the look. We have a list of favorites like the Victory roll, Hollywood curls and now, of course, the French twist.

The French twist (a.k.a. French roll) is one of the easiest vintage hairstyles to create and it’s a look that won’t ever go out of style. This classic look can be worn to weddings, dinner dates, to the office or to a vintage-themed party… when we do finally make it out of the comforts of our own abodes!

Learn how to create this French twist updo on any hair type with this simple tutorial:

Step 1

Freshen Up Your Strands

Started with some refreshed and volumized strands by using some Dove Refresh + Care Volume and Fullness Dry Shampoo.

french twist step one
Step 2


Get rid of any knots and start with a smooth base by brushing out your hair.

french twist step 2
Step 3


Create your half bun by twisting your hair.

french twist step 3
Step 4


Keep your Fench twist in place by securing each side with a couple bobby pins.

french twist step 5
Step 5

Make Sure It's Really Secure

Insert as many pins as you need so that the style is secure. Both sides will require some pins.

french twist step 4
Step 6


french twist step 6
Step 7


Your French twist style is complete!

french twist step 7

That’s all there is to creating a simple, and elegant French twist style! We love this look as an easy formal style, perfect for an event or for a more formal work environment.

Need style inspiration? Check out these French twist styles to get ideas for you next look.

Half-Updo French Twist

half-updo French twist
Try a half-updo variation.

Want a subtle vintage-inspired hairstyle? This half-updo look is perfect if you wanted that twisted look without doing a full French twist.

Messy Updo Style

girl with messy French twist
Try out a messier look.

Just like bun styles, your twist doesn’t need to be perfectly smooth and styled either. Want a more laid-back look? Opt for a messy variation of the twisted updo like this.

Face-Framing Variation

face-framing pieces with French twist
Leave out face-framing pieces of hair from your style.

Don’t want a slicked-back style? Leave a few face-framing pieces out of your style for a more modern approach to the French twist.

Classic French Twist

classic French twist
Opt for a classic style.

You can’t go wrong with a classic version of this updo. To keep your hair smooth throughout the day and in the look, use a serum like Suave Simply Styled Anti-Frizz Smoothing Serum.

Curly Updo

curly hair French twist
A French twist on curly hair.

Your curls can be so useful when doing this style. Your hair can help add natural hold to your style because of the texture.


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