5 Vintage Hairstyles for Curly Hair That Totally Work Today

Hairstyles for your next decade party!

We adore looking at hairstyles through the ages. While new styles come and go some vintage classics always find their way to the present, with an updated twist and cool new iteration. And we just love vintage hairstyles for curly hair that can show-off your awesome texture, while being perfectly coiffed into a very different style that you would normally be wearing. From pompadours to the Gibson tuck, we’ve got you covered in our recap of some of our favorite vintage hairstyles for curly hair that you’ve got to try.

Vintage Hairstyles For Curly Hair To Wear Right Now

vintage hairstyles for curly hair pompadour
The flexible pompadour.

1. Wavy Pompadour

We love classic pomps, especially on wavy and curly hair types. The added curl makes pompadours so much more voluminous and interesting. To get vintage hairstyles for curly hair with a pomp on top you’ll need to start your style on wet hair. Use a curly hair gel like the TRESemmé Flawless Curls Defining Gel to set your natural curls. Then, dry your hair using the diffuser attachment. When you get to drying the front section of your hair, focus on drying the roots forward towards your forehead.

Once your hair is dry, style the front section forwards to slightly cover your forehead. If your hair is super long, you can style it more at an angle and pin it into place. We love the pompadour because it works so well added to different styles! Try it with a ponytail for a funky ’60s look, or with a topknot for something more modern.

vintage hairstyles for curly hair finger waves
Vintage look, easy to wear. Photo credit: indigitalimages.com

2. Curly Low Ponytail

Finger waves scream vintage hair. We love how romantic these little swooping styles look. To create finger waves, you’ll need to work with a strong hold hair gel. We like the Nexxus New York Salon Care Exxtra Hold Sculpting Gel. Actually creating the finger waves is relatively painless. For step by step instructions on styling fingerwaves check out this vintage hair tutorial. Then just take the rest of your hair and style into a low ponytail to complete the look.

vintage hairstyles for curly hair chignon
Sepia colored flowers make this look.

3. Vintage Chignon

This simple chignon screams vintage hairstyles for curly hair, right? We love how elegant this looks, and how well it shows off natural curls. Oh, and this style is super easy, too! all you need to do is create a little volume at the roots (depending on how voluminous your hair is). When you have all the volume you can handle style the rest of your hair into a low chignon. Vintage flowers are totally optional.

vintage hairstyles for curly hair gibson tuck
Headband and gloves optional.

4. Mini Bouffant Gibson Tuck

If you have hair on the longer side, you can totally do this super sweet Gibson tuck. Start by creating volume at the back of your head, almost like a bouffant. But, not quite as big because you don’t want it to overtake the tuck! With your hair teased, pull it all into a low ponytail at the nape of your neck. To create a Gibson tuck you separate the root of your hair near the ponytail holder, almost all the way through. Leave a little bit of hair at the bottom of the ponytail unseparated. Then, just fold the rest of the tail into the space you created. It’s a quirky style that has all the vintage flair.

vintage hairstyles for curly hair afro
This vintage style will always be popular.

5. Old School ‘Fro

For gals with natural curly hair, you can’t go wrong with the afro! This is one of the most enduring vintage hairstyles for curly hair. We’re big fans of the ’70s style afro that is on the long side and halo shaped. Afro hairstyles will be popular forever, we’re just glad that curly hair products have evolved over the years!

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