Lob Haircut: What Are the Best Face Shapes for This Look?

All Things Hair | 21 September 2016

Here’s a guide to help you figure out how to make a lob complement your face type.

It seems like more and more celebs are chopping off their locks in favor of the super trendy variation of the bob–the lob haircut. Unlike a bob haircut, which traditionally lines up with your jawline, the lob opts for a slightly longer look that rests somewhere within the chin and collarbone. Considering this stylish look has been seen up and down the runways and all throughout Hollywood, it’s no wonder that the style is hitting the mainstream. And since just about everyone and their mother is considering a little scissor-to-hair therapy, it’s pretty rad that this particular look is a stunner on just about anyone who dons it; it’s just all about the specific way it’s cut that will make it flatter your face shape to the utmost degree. To eliminate the guess work, we’ve outlined a few key ideas to help bring your lob haircut to life–no matter your face shape. Keep reading!

The Best Face Shapes to Rock a Lob Haircut

Blogger lob haircut
Blogger Cristina Warner rocking the lob at #NYFW. Photo credit: Suzanne Cohen Photography.

1. Heart Face Shape

Is your face wider around your forehead and cheekbones and then narrows out around the jaw and chin? If so, boy do we have the cut for you. To really compliment your face shape, simply ask your stylist for anything between your chin and collarbone paired with light, long layering. The addition of layers to your look will mellow out the overall look and keep your hair full of movement.

2. Oval Face Shape

Those with oval faces are what we like to call the lucky ones. Your long mug sets the perfect stage for a lob haircut at any length. Play up the length of your choice by creating light waves with a curling wand or extreme volume with a little help from a round brush and volumizing mousse like the Dove Style+Care Volume Amplifier Mousse–it’s lightweight root-lifting formula will take your lob to new heights.

3. Round Face Shape

There’s a common misconception that round faces should stay away from short cuts–we’re here to tell you that you shouldn’t bat a single lash at that nonsense. To accessorize your round face with a lob, just tell your stylist that you’re looking for something on the longer side–think: a collarbone-grazing cut. To add a little flair to your look, mention to your stylist that you’d like a bit of an angled cut in the front that softens out in the back.

4. Square Face Shape

If you look in the mirror and find you have a geometrically shaped face, ease into your lob days with a little medium length action. And, as a little trick to keep up your sleeve, once you’ve got your lob snipped to perfection, even out the bluntness of your face shape by paying special attention to your roots. For square faces a big thing to keep in mind is that the more volume your hair has, the more elongated your face will appear to be. To bring this idea to life, simply prep your look with a super volumizing formula like the Nexxus New York Salon Care Exxpand Plus Volumizing Whip. Once you’ve got the hair care product evenly distributed throughout your roots, take a blowdryer and round brush to your locks to really amp up the volume. Before you know it your locks will look and feel fuller and inevitably even more gorgeous.

5. Long Face Shape

Lobs can definitely flatter longer face shapes, as long layers can really help frame your face beautifully. While you could wear this look voluminous and wavy, wearing it straight and smooth can also help your layers pop. To get the look, use TRESemmé Keratin Smooth Serum before you style to get that sleek and sexy finish. But if you want to take your style to the next level, add in a wispy fringe for a gorgeous and dramatic look.

6. Diamond Face Shape

While they may be a rare face shape, diamond shapes should select a lob style that is full of volume and movement. To get that perfect lob, ask your stylist to add lots of playful layers to your cut in order to show off that sexy texture.


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