How to Create an Upside Down Braid Bun in 2 Ways

All Things Hair | 18 April 2017

Switch up your typical bun with a cool upside down braid bun that you can rock in two ways!

If you dig the ballerina bun or the classic top knot hairstyle, we have a treat for you with a simple and quick way to give your classy updo a fun update with the upside down braid. This easy hairstyle idea gives the underside of your hairstyle a fancy twist with a braid and bun combo. Sounds tricky, right? We promise it’s as easy as 1-2-3! The idea of marrying two stylish hair trends at once—braids and buns— is music to our ears, which makes this hairstyle one of our current favorites. To help you out, we’re sharing two ways to create the upside down braid bun, complete with a classic braid and then another one that’s jazzed up with some hair accessories. Read on to learn how to create an upside down braid and rock this versatile hairstyle in a casual or formal way!

Look 1: Upside Down Braid Bun


Divide and braid.

Begin on dry hair and divide your hair into two sections by parting it from ear-to-ear. Clip away the front section of hair with a clip or hair tie. Bend forward and begin to braid the hair upward, starting at the nape of your neck.


Create your bun.

Once you are done with your braid, fasten the end with an elastic band. Move on to the top section. Gather your hair into a high ponytail, then twirl the ends into a neat bun. Insert hair pins to keep your knot in place.


Weave upside down braid into bun.

Once you have your neat bun in place, pull your braid upward and wrap the ends around the base of your bun. Grab your handy hair pins, insert into bun to keep hair in place.


Final look.

Add shine to your hair with Suave Professionals Moroccan Infusion Styling Oil Complete the look with a spritz of Dove Style + Care Extra Hold Hairspray holding spray. How easy was that?

If you want to add a formal twist to this hairstyle, add some decor to your bun. Opt for floral hair accessories, or jeweled charms. You can place them strategically within your upside down braid, or around the base of your bun!

Look 2: Embellished Upside Down French Braid Bun

how to create an upside down braid with accessories
No piercings allowed? They never said anything about your hair though! Photo credit: Verity Jane Smith

Step 1: Refresh your hair with some dry shampoo.

Updos with some detailing, such as an upside down French braid, are better on hair with some texture. Prep hair for this look by spritzing on some dry shampoo, such as Dove Refresh+Care Volume & Fullness Dry Shampoo, which helps sop up excess grease and refresh your scalp. Shake your hair out afterwards.

Step 2: Flip your head over and begin braiding.

Flip hair over and begin a French braid in the center (or a Dutch braid, if desired!). Start the chain from your neckline upwards until the top of your crown.

Step 3: Secure at the top with a hair tie.

Tie off the end of your upside down French braid with an elastic. Brush out the ponytail to ensure that you’re tangle-free.

Step 4: Apply some serum to your pony and ponytail base.

Apply a few drops of a lightweight serum, such as Nexxus New York Salon Care Humectress Encapsulate, onto the palms of your hands and spread it through your ponytail, as well as your base. This can help smoothen down any baby hair strands and eliminate a frizzy look around the hairlines (a.k.a. halo frizz), especially when hair is done up.

Step 5: Create your bun.

Take your upside down French braid ponytail and coil it around its own base, creating a chignon. Tie off your bun with a hair elastic or some pins till secure.

Step 6: Embellish!

Open up each of your hair jewels or rings, and loop one through each braid chain. Use a few for some subtle bling, or do a series of rings for an edgy, slightly subversive feel.

Step 7: Finish with hairspray.

A final spritz of hairspray, such as TRESemmé TRES Two Extra Hold Hairspray, helps hold down any flyaways and keeps your look in place.

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