Bored in the House? Learn How to Create a Quick Fashion Bun

Gives a whole 'nother meaning to fast fashion (and great for trips to the sofa).

Spending your days scrolling through IG and TikTok for major trend inspo? It can get frustrating looking at all these fun hair looks but feeling like there’s no point in attempting them because you have no plans. What if we told you there’s a sleek, sophisticated, sexy style you can try that only takes 5 minutes to create?

Why not look your best at home if it only takes minutes? Getting ready for the day is a great way to resume regular routine, and boosting your self-esteem is always a plus. Try out this quick fashion bun look that all the models and social media influencers rock while chillin’ at home. Have fun with the look and maybe snap a few pics for your social media. We’ll be scrolling!

Step 1: Brush Back Hair

The key to the quick fashion bun is giving it a brushed through look. You can choose to either make it extra sleek and really focus on brushing it back, or you can do it faster for a more effortless style. Regardless of which you choose, part of the look is making sure it’s all brushed back in the same direction.

quick fashion bun
Keep it sleek, clean and effortless. Photo Credit: Arianna Sharfman

Step 2: Gather Hair Using Your “Eye Line”

To achieve the sophisticated and sexy aspect of the look, the bun should land somewhere at your eye level or just above. As you pull back your hair to start the bun, start your hands next to your eyes and gather your hair. That’s the line of where your bun should lay to be the most flattering. It will give you a little faux-facelift. Once you find that line, gather up all of your hair to create the quick fashion bun.

Step 3: Create a Twisted Bun

Creating this bun is so simple! Once you’ve got your hair gathered back where you want it, twist the ponytail around and around, creating your bun. To give it more of that effortless, model-vibe, leave the ends of your hair out of the bun instead of tucked in. This will create some fun texture to play with. You can pull it to either side of your fashion bun style.

quick fashion bun chic
How chic is this quick fashion bun style?

Step 4: Add Hairspray

To really give it that fashion bun look, it’s important to add a sleek finish with hairspray. Spray a healthy amount of TIGI Copyright Custom Complete Volume Finishing Spray into your hands and then use the product to smooth down your style. This is a great hack to ensure your flyaways don’t pop up throughout the day.

quick fashion bun strong part
Create a strong part. Photo Credit: Arianna Sharfman

Bonus: Create a Strong Part

If you want to level up your quick fashion bun, you can always start the process by creating a clean and strong part. Keep it shiny and tamed with a little TRESemmé TRES Two Extra Firm Control Gel.

hat’s all there is to creating a quick fashion bun. Not only is this style great for looking and feeling good while working from home, but it’s also a great style to have in your arsenal for once we re-enter the “real world” and you need a sleek style in minutes. Happy styling!

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