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Silk Pillowcases: Are These Beauty Sleep Essentials Worth the Hype?

Is this beauty insider must-have as good as its reputation suggests?

All of the healthy habits we incorporate into our routines are significantly less effective without a good night’s sleep. The benefits of a regular exercise routine, eight full cups of water, all the anti-aging serums on the market and an avocado a day are all boosted by a consistent sleep schedule. If you keep an ear to the ground in the beauty world, then you’ve heard the hype surrounding silk pillowcases. Promising to fight against frizzy hair and wrinkly skin, silk pillowcases seem to be the secret to getting your beauty sleep and having the results to prove it.

Curious about the hype surrounding this trend, I replaced my usual pillowcases with silk pillowcases to test the theory. Here’s what I found:

Are Silk Pillowcases The Next Best Thing?

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Are they worth the hype?

1. They feel luxurious.

My first impression was all about the feel of the pillowcases. There’s no doubt about it: falling asleep on delicate silk pillowcases makes me feel like a princess. Soft and smooth, the silk cases are cool to the touch. They make falling asleep on a hot summer night a dream. Even on nights when I need a double dose of melatonin to get a deep sleep, these beauties help bedtime feel all the more luxurious.

2. My skin feels less agitated in the morning.

I’ve had my ups and downs with my skin and spending all night with my face up against a rougher cotton pillowcase wasn’t doing me any favors. The silk pillowcases feel significantly better on my skin and I notice that my face is less agitated when I wake up in the morning.

3. I wash them more frequently.

At $20 a piece, I have never (in my Assistant Editor-salaried life) ever taken better care of pillowcases. I hand wash them once a week to make sure the silk stays intact and to keep them clean and then let them air dry. That means that my skin and hair are being exposed to cases that are washed on a consistent schedule and full of less bacteria than their cotton counterparts.

4. A pillowcase is only as effective as the hair care routine that backs it.

All in all, I’m not sure I could point out the differences in my hair and skin when given photographic evidence of the results of each night’s sleep. I still believe that a pillowcase is only as effective as the hair care routine that backs it. That’s why I depend on a keratin-filled routine when my hair needs a pick-me-up. My trusty TRESemmé Keratin Smooth Shampoo and Conditioner are my go-to wash and care system when I want my hair to feel and look smoother and healthier in under a week.

All in all, would I recommend silk pillowcases? If you can get your hands on them at a discounted price, definitely. There’s nothing quite as luxurious as falling asleep on silk. But if you’re solely looking for smoother and healthier hair, there are cheaper and more effective ways to go about that.

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