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Layered Bowl Cut: How to Wear This Pixie-Adjacent Trend

Move over, bob: This cut is back in town!

Last 2018, the bob haircut took over by storm. Everywhere you turned there was a woman with an iteration of the bob cut, whether it was on the streets or spotted on a celebrity. We must admit that the bob cut was getting a little too much shine. It’s a classic and we totally see why but there are other crops that can get a little bit of love, too! Short crops like the layered bowl cut are just as classy and we believe it’s going to give the good ole pageboy a run for its money.

The bowl cut is back for Fall. We spotted a sexy, almost pixie-like version of the look with sophisticated layers and shearing on the side. This take on the bowl cut has us ready to go short for fall!

Read on to for two ways to sport the layered bowl cut look:

2 Ways to Style the Layered Bowl Cut

1. Hint of Layers

layered bowl cut: subtle layers
Just a hint of layers can create all the drama you need. Photo credit:

We love the small dose of layers involved in this cut: There’s just enough to enhance body and movement within the look. If you’re not into heavy layering, then this one is for you. Style with Bed Head by TIGI Wax Stick to create the edgy and wispy look around your fringe area. The combination of beeswax and Japan wax helps to add hold and definition.

We also love the look when blown-out, as seen here:

layered bowl cut with fringe
The shinier, the better!

2. The Short Tousle

layered bowl cut: tousled hair
Who can say no to a tousled look? Photo credit:

Who doesn’t want to experience tousled hair action, whether it’s on a short crop like the layered bowl cut or a lob style. Layers at the crown area of your cut make it easier to create the tousled effect. Set your style without compromising flexibility with Dove Style+Care Compressed Flexible Hold Hair Spray.


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