27 Trendy Ways to Style Goddess Locs at Home

From a bob to purple locs, there are so many ways to style goddess locs.

There are such a variety of different types of locs, but we’re bringing you all the inspo on Goddess locs today. If you aren’t familiar, goddess locs are a protective hairstyle that use a silkier type of hair and have loose curly ends. They are different from regular faux locs that just have a blunt end.

Many stylists use the waterfall method during installation which involves pulling pieces of hair from the loc to create a worn but polished look. It can take anywhere from 5-12 hours to complete this style, depending on your stylist. You can also do this at home, and while it may take a while, let’s just say they are totally worth the wait! The best part is you can wear this style for 6-8 weeks at a time.

Read on to find out a variety of ways you can give this locs style a try: 

27 Goddess Locs Styles

Keep scrolling for the ultimate Goddess inspiration styles.

1. Crochet Style

crochet goddess locs black hairstyle
Photo credit: @boholocs

Cut down on the installation time with this crochet variation. Soon after the hair is cornrowed, the extensions used to create the locs are added using a small crochet hook. This is the perfect look for anyone who wants to rock goddess locs without all the extra work that it may took to install the look. 

2. Bohemian Style

woman with a shoulder length goddess locs hairstyle
Photo credit: @shanta_katierra

Locs full of curls? Yes, please! If you like curls, you’re going to love these bohemian goddess locs.  We especially love this hairtstyle paired against a golden brown hue. The perfect color and style for summer and beyond. 

3. Short Locs

woman with short black goddess locs and hair cuffs
Photo credit: @shanta_katierra

Not all goddess locs need to drape down your back. This short version is a clean look you can wear day or night. Add some flair to your hair with  traditional threads and braid cuffs

4. A Blonde Look

woman with long blonde gypsy locs hairstyle
Photo credit: @shanta_katierra

Carry your signature hair color over to your protective style. Blonde goddess locs are always head turners! To freshen up your locs between washes, use SheaMoisture Moringa & Avocado Power Greens Hair Tea Rinse

5. Individual Crochet Goddess Locs

individual crochet goddess locs hairstyle
Photo credit: @boholocs

Crochet styles are definitely in, and that includes individual crochet goddess locs. You can even install them yourself. As opposed to a traditional crochet style when you cornrow your hair before installing crochet pieces, for individuals you individually braid your natural hair and crochet into each braid.

6. Messy Protective Style

woman with big messy big-goddess locs hairstyle in black and brown
Photo credit: @boholocs

This protective style already has a worn look. Add a boho vibe with an even messier style. Amp up the boho look by adding various color highlights throughout your mane. We love this mix of red, black, and brown shades to create a well-rounded dimensional look. 

7. Jumbo Locs

woman with a jumbo goddess locs hairstyle and hair accessories
Photo credit: @shanta_katierra

Try large goddess locs! This jumbo style is great for those who like to wear their style down often. Add individual curls and locs throughout yout hair as well to help achieve one of the cutest and trendiest goddess look styles of the season. 

8. Ombre Look

woman with long blonde ombre goddess locs
Photo credit: @boholocs

From red to blonde or blue to purple? You choose! Ombre color will definitely help you stand out from the crowd. We especially love this dark to light ombre look, the perfect coloring choice to transition in-between seasons. 

9. Red Hue

side view of a woman with red gypsy locs hairstyle
Photo credit: @shanta_katierra

Going for a mermaid inspired look? Choose a fiery red to showcase your fun personality. This protective style is a great way to try out a bold hue especially during a season when this hair color is all the rave! 

10. Burgundy Color

woman with burgundy goddess locs
Photo credit: @boholocs

Call it cherry red or burgundy. Either way, the color is a fun way to express yourself. The deeper the red is, the more likely it is to blend into a naturally dark hair root. Goddess lock styles such as this one are a beautiful way to experiment with color without having to commit to the color overtime.  

11. Long Locs

woman with long boho goddess locs hairstyle
Photo credit: @shanta_katierra

Long goddess locs are real #HairGoals!  To add a bit of sparkle, wear hair beads  or braiding cuffs on your Goddess locs. Also, adding a light curl to the ends of your hair go along way as well! 

12. Small Goddess Locs

woman with a small goddess locs hairstyle
Photo credit: @boholocs

You can do tons of styles with small locs. Wear half up, half down, or create side-swept bangs that ooze confidence. These multiple partings can be achieved with goddess locks that were originally installed into a middle part. 

13. Colored Protective Style

woman with goddess locs in multiple colors
Photo credit: @boholocs

Show off your individuality by adding all of the colors of the rainbow to your goddess locs. Color them by section or combine colors. Another beautiful way to wear them is to evenly distribute the colorful highlights throughout your mane. 

14. Curly Locs

woman with a curly bohemian goddess locs style
Photo credit: @Shanta_katierra

Make a statement by curling your protective locs with rollers or wearing Bantu knots for several days to achieve a heat-fee look that gorgeously lasts over time. To help hold your hair into place, we recommend a hair spray such as Love Beauty and Planet Light Hold & Frizz Control Coconut Milk & White Jasmine Hair Spray. This hair spray will help hold your hair in place without causing too much product buildup over the course of a few days. 

15. Goddess Locs Bob

blonde goddess locs in a bob hairstyle
Photo credit: @Shanta_katierra

Go short and go blonde! This lightweight hairstyle in a bob variation will help make styling seamless for all the busy days you have ahead during the summer. Not to mention, this is a gorgeous hue to break into summer with. 

16. Gypsy Locs

woman with brown gypsy-style goddess locs
Photo credit: @shanta_katierra

Gypsy Goddess locs are easy to install as they are typically pre-looped and ready to be crocheted in braids. Pair this look off with dainty edges to help take your look to the next level. We are currently loving Emerge Edge Control.

17. Curly Ends Style

woman with long gray goddess locs
Photo credit: @boholocs

Goddess locs already have loose, sporadic curls, but you can add more by wearing spirals at the ends. This look can he achieved and touched up with a curling iron with a medium sized rod. 

18. Medium Locs

woman with medium-length black goddess locs
Photo credit: @boholocs

Don’t want to wear your hair too long or too short? Try medium-length goddess locs. Regardless of if you wear this hairstyle at a medium length or jumbo, the medium length goddess locs are a gorgeous classic that wulll make you want to visit them over and over again.

19. Purple Goddess Locs

two women with purple color goddess locs hairstyles
Photo credit: @boholocs

Rock a hippie look with the purple style. Add bold hues for a show-stopping style that looks gorgeous paired against a large variety of deep skin tones. This style also looks gorgeous when worn in various shades of pinks! 

20. Short Crochet Style

woman with blonde shoulder-length crochet goddess locs
Photo credit: @boholocs

Want a cute, lightweight style that doesn’t take long to install? Short to medium length crochet goddess locs are your answer.  Pair it with a side part for a luxurious and glamorous look. 

21. Blue Locs

woman with a blue goddess locs colored hairstyle
Photo credit: @boholocs

Pick any shade of blue, and you’re bound to look lovely and vibrant! Blue can be added to just a few individual locs or the entire style or to the whole look depending on how bold you’re feeling. 

22. Bob Goddess Locs

woman with a short bob goddess locs hairstyle in black and brown
Photo credit: @shanta_katierra

Who says all locs have to be long? Rock this bob for an edgy look. We love this shorter look with the protective style. Spreading some gold, silver, or colorful braiding cuffs throughout your hair is another way to add onto your hairstyle as well if you’re feeling for the need of extra flair 

23. Gray Protective Style

woman with gray goddess locs hairstyle wearing a yellow headband
Photo credit: @shanta_katierra

Gray is always in, and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. Add gray extensions to your goddess locs to create this look. If you have gray hair, this hairstyle is a gorgeous way to highlight your silver hair!

24. Honey Blonde Style

back view of a woman with honey-colored goddess locs
Photo credit: @boholocs

Add a touch of sweetness to your style with a honey-blonde hue. Dye all of your locs, or opt for highlights. Adding extension hair with different colors is a great way to switch between colors often with little to no commitment. 

25. Bun Hairstyle

goddess locs boho locs bun hairstyle
Photo credit: @shanta_katierra

It’s a great style to wear to the office or to a weekend party. Create small space buns or one jumbo bun to compliment your outfit. A beautiful to dress up goddess locs for special occasions. 

26. Side Part Look

womanw with auburn goddess locs side part hairstyle
Photo credit: @shanta_katierra

Sometimes, you have to just let your hair down! Switch your style to a side part for added flair. To keep your hair clean, use SheaMoisture Sugarcane Extract & Meadowfoam Seed Miracle Multi-Benefit Shampoo and Conditioner. We love this set because it uses a blend of Sugarcane, Meadowfoam Seed, Marshmallow Root, and Phyto-proteins to keep hair soft and healthy. Plus, it can be used on color-treated hair.

27. Traditional Goddess Locs

goddess locs
Try a traditional look.

Opt for a traditional Goddess lots hairstyle. For some variation, add a deep side part. What we love about this style is that it can work on any length of hair, whether shoulder-length or down to your waist.

Whether you try out a bold color or add an accessory, there are many ways to show off your new Goddess loss.

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