6 Dreadlock Styles for Formal Occasions

Alyssa François | 26 May 2016

Add some pizzazz to your locks with one of these styles. 

One of the beautiful aspects of dreadlock styles is its malleability. When it’s time to get fancy, locks can be molded and formed into just about any hairstyle you want. These intricate ropes of hair can be braided, twisted, twirled into a top knot, and even cut into a classy asymmetrical pageboy. Yes, you read that right! Whether you’re attending a banquet or a wedding, you can whip up your locks into a head-turning and elegant style. From thin to thick-sized dreads, check out our gallery of some of the best dreadlock styles for formal occasions.

Amazing Dreadlock Styles for Formal Occasions

bun dreadlocks styles
Looking for something simple? Top knots are the way to go.

1. Simple dreadlock high bun

A high, ballerina-esque bun beautifully coiled by dreadlocks is neat and perfect for a formal occasion. You can add deadlock hair charms to accessorize this style and give it a regal finish, or leave as is. This dreadlock style is occasion-appropriate, simple and easy for a wedding or a banquet.

dreadlocks updo accessories
Jazz up your dreadlocks with fun accessories to complement your fancy event.

2. Updo dreadlocks with floral accessories 

Sometimes a basic bun can be too plain. This is totally fine we love a classic ballerina bun. If your event calls for a little more glamour, give your dreadlocks a fancy twist by accessorizing with hair flowers. Tuck pretty flowers around the base of your bun. Try out different colors to match your ensemble, or keep it simple by sticking to one color story.

Curls on dreadlocks add some extra pizzazz to your look.

3. Curly dreadlock styles

Don’t underestimate curls when it comes to dreadlocks. From tight ringlets to loose curls, curly dreadlock hairstyles have a dramatic flair. Whether you’re attending a wedding or a jazz concert, this eye-catching look is extremely versatile. This style can be worn up in a high ponytail with curly dreads cascading along your face or worn down and free-flowing.

faux dreadlock styles
Faux dreadlocks are fun and easy to do. Try it out for one night. Photo credit: indigitalimages.com

4. Faux dreadlocks

Want to make a statement at your next formal event? Try something new like faux dreadlocks. You can neatly pull back your dreadlocks extensions into a stylish and modern updo. This is also a great way to try out dreads temporarily. To remove, simply comb them out from ends to root. Go on, try it out for a night or two and own your look!

fishtail dreadlock styles
Who said you can’t braid dreads? This fishtail braid on dreadlocks hairstyle is great for any occasion

5. Fishtail dreadlocks half-up ‘do

Take the fun fishtail braid to new heights with this fancy dreadlock hairstyle. A single plait braided from front hairline to nape is a great styling option for keeping your dreads out of your face. Not only is this look classy; it’s also extremely attractive. Whether you’re the host for your BFFs 30th birthday or celebrating your own engagement, try out this simple and stylish ’do.

dreadlock ombré haircut
Want to cut your dreadlocks into a bob haircut? Try it out! Go for an angled crop to add a fancy edge.

6. Angled dreadlock bob

Give your dreads some edge for your next formal event. Chop those locks into an asymmetrical bob haircut. This cut complements the features of your face and gives your dreads a nice shape. We love this look especially for medium-sized locks as it gives the cut a more uniform and neat finish. This hairstyle will sit well underneath a graduation cap as well.

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