How to Get Crochet Faux Locs in 10 Easy Steps

Goddess locs made easy.

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Do you remember when we were mesmerized by the faux goddess locs on Crystal Edwards that she did all by herself? Well, we have a treat for you: Mini Marley is giving a demonstration on how you can create a crochet faux locs hairstyle right at home. We’re pretty sure you’ll be very fascinated at how simple the process actually is because we certainly were!

If you’re looking to try a protective hairstyle on your hair this season, look no further than crochet faux locs. They’re cute, have longevity and not to mention are super easy. Read on as we break down how Mini Marley created this beautiful style on her hair right at home:


Step 1

Wash hair and apply serum.

To start your faux dreadlocks style, use Suave Professionals Honey Infusion Strengthening Shampoo and Conditioner to strengthen strands and protect against damage. Next, use a moisturizing product to help soften your hair before braiding. Use a product like Suave Professionals Define and Shine Serum Gel on each section of hair before braiding.

crochet faux locs
Step 2

Create small braids all over hair.

After applying the cream to your hair, use a comb or brush to smoothen and detangle each section of hair prior to braiding. This will help make the process easier. Create small braids all over your hair and be sure to braid your hair all the way down to the ends.

crochet faux locs
Step 3

Braided look.

Once you’re done with creating your braids, it should now look something like this.

crochet faux locs
Step 4

Take one dreadlock strand.

Take a batch from your packet of faux dreadlocks and remove just one strand.

crochet faux locs
Step 5

Loop a hole in your dreadlock extension.

Take your dreadlock extension and create a hole at the very tip using the end of a rattail comb. If you don’t have a rattail comb on hand, you can use anything that will help you make a hole in the extension.

crochet faux locs
Step 6

Hook braid with faux dreadlock.

Using a crochet needle, hook the loop you created with the rattail comb and then latch it onto the base of your braid.

faux dreadlocks tutorial hook extensions
Step 7

Wrap dreads around braid.

Take your dreadlock, unravel it and wrap around your braid from root to ends. Repeat this step for each section.

crochet faux locs
Step 8

Accessorize with gold wire.

Now it’s time for the fun part! Accessorize your dreads to jazz up the style. You can use gold wire found in any arts and craft stores. Simply cut a piece of wire and wrap it around your dreadlock.

crochet faux locs
Step 9

Add more charms.

Want more accessories? Go for it! With this style the more the merrier. Plus, if you’re wearing it for a long time, why not refresh the style with new accessories. You can use hair charms with hooks and attached them to your locs or use a hairpin to secure them in.

crochet faux locs
Step 10

Final faux dreadlocks style.

There you have it! We love how Mini Marley made this tutorial super easy. Have fun with the look: You can buy any color hair you want to make the style more interesting too! If you ever need to retwist any sections, use Emerge Style Goals Gel to help you lock hair in place.


crochet faux locs

Thinking about trying out faux locs? Be sure to snap a photo a tag us @AllThingsHairUS!

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