Try These 14 Easy Hairstyles for Short Natural Hair

Check out some of these super short, super cute ringlet styles that you can rock on natural hair.

Hairstyles for short natural hair can include anything from the afro to embracing your natural curls to showing off bangs and a bob. Whether you’re seeing a completely new cut in your future or need new easy styles for short natural hair, we’ve rounded up inspiration for you before you make the big chop. It never hurts to come prepared with a few inspiration pictures for your appointment.

14 Hairstyles for Short Natural Hair

Keep scrolling to check out short natural hair looks for Black women and learn some new hairstyles along the way.

1. Mini Blonde ‘Fro

short black natural hairstyles fro
Tiny ‘fros are always chic.

Just because you’re keeping your texture natural doesn’t mean you need to keep your color natural, too. We’re a little bit in love with blonde Afros. Going for a short crop means sacrificing less length to the bleaching process!

2. Itty Bitty Ponytail

How to wear easy styles for short natural hair
A cute curly ponytail. Photo credit: Verity Jane Smith

If your hair is a bit longer, you can go for the mini ponytail. Tight curls look extra great in a high ponytail. You can tweak how your curls lay by tugging out individual ringlets. We also like to balance out the look of short ponytails with hair accessories.

3. Perfectly-Defined Curls

How to wear easy styles for short natural hair: Perfectly Defined Curls
The best curls you ever did see. Photo credit:

Can we get a big round of applause for the perfection of these curls? Paired with a center part, these corkscrew curls are incredibly chic. You can achieve this look by following our tutorial for curling your hair with flexi-rods. When you shake out your curls in the morning, you’ll need to revive your curls a bit. We recommend spraying Suave Frizz Reducing Refresher Spray throughout your hair to give locks a quick boost.

4. Tiny Coils

How to wear easy styles for short natural hair: tiny coils
Miniature coils to rock on your natural hair. Photo credit:

For some serious coils, you’ll need to use those tiny foam rollers you can find in most drugstores. To get this look, seek out the smallest size available. You can set your hair in the same way as the flexi-rods tutorial above, using the much skinnier foam rollers instead. This gives you that cool, coiled, and wavy look when you take out the rollers the next morning. Fluff them up and rock that curly ‘do.

5. Bob Cut Dreads

short black natural hairstyles bob
Short, natural hairstyles are gorgeous.

You don’t need to wear your short hair curly if you don’t want to! You can also go for dreadlocks if you want to keep it natural. We love short dreadlocks on women as they’re cute and versatile. Just make sure you keep your locs hydrated and healthy by applying hair oils to your hair.

6. Super Shiny Pineapple ‘Do

easy styles for short natural hair: curly top
Embrace your curls with this cute style. Photo credit:

We’ve always been big fans of embracing your curls, especially with this wet-look-inspired ‘do. To achieve this look on your natural hair, apply TRESemmé Flawless Curls Defining Gel throughout your hair. Scrunch the product throughout your curls to achieve a wet, glossy look.

7. Taper Fade with Natural Curls

short hairstyles for black women tape fade with natural curls
Double dip on trends.

Dip into two trends at the same time with this taper fade with natural curls. We love the combination of cropped sides with longer curls on top and the contrast it provides.

8. Extra Short Tapered Cut

short hairstyles for black women extra short tapered cut
Keep it short and cool.

Ideal for the hotter months, the short tapered cut will keep you feeling and looking cool at the same time. As chic as it is easy to style, this extra short tapered cut is one of the coolest short natural hairstyles in the collection.

9. Blonde Pixie Cut

short hairstyles for black women blonde pixie cut
This icy blonde hue really pops.

Women with darker skin tones can rock icy blonde hair in a particularly striking and unique way. We love the way this cool blonde hue pops! To keep your blonde color looking vibrant, use SheaMoisture Purple Rice Water Strength & Color Care Shampoo and Conditioner.

10. Voluminous Pixie Cut

short hairstyles for black women voluminous pixie
We love a shorter cut with natural curls.

Get the best of both worlds with this voluminous pixie. Show off your curls while keeping your length cropped! The great thing about this style is that it looks as great the day you cut it as it does when it starts to grow out!

11. Temple Shave Pixie

short hairstyles for black women temple shave pixie
There’s something undeniably cool about a temple shave.

There is something undeniably cool and badass about the temple shave. A shaved look is the perfect way to show off a unique style without doing anything super dramatic. Consider this look if you want something edgy.

12. Mini Afro

short hairstyles for black women mini afro
Embrace your curls.

Embrace your curls and show them off with this mini Afro. This is the perfect way to emphasize your volume while still having a style that’s easy to care for. We love the subtle highlights and the way they immediately brighten this style.

13. Half-Up Dreadlocks

short hairstyles for black women half up dreadlocks
There’s a half-up style variation for every type and texture.

This half-up dreadlocks style gives you all the texture and utility at the same time. It’s perfect for any length of hair. The half-up style is the perfect mix between pretty and practical, keeping your hair out of your face while leaving some strands down around your face.

14. Tousled Bob

short hairstyles for black women: tousled bob
Give yourself some vintage lovin’ with loose finger waves swept to one side. Photo credit:

Give your hair some tousled texture! Try out these loose, vintage-inspired finger waves for a unique twist on texture strands. This is also a great look for those who love vintage hairstyles, especially those of the 1920s and 1930s.

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