Style It On: How to Create a Sleek Low Puff on Natural Hair with Mini Marley

Mini Marley is back and this time she is shows us how to master an easy and sleek low puff. Get the scoop on how to master this fun hairstyle.

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It’s no secret that sleek hairstyles are a much coveted look! However, those who have natural hair might find it challenging to achieve this style on their curler hair. To help you out, we’ve enlisted our resident beauty vlogger and naturalista Breanna (a.k.a Mini Marley), who shares some insight on how to master a sleek, low puff.

Surprisingly easy to master, it’s the perfect way to create a sleek style on natural hair – without having to reach for any hair straighteners! Check out how Mini Marley gets this sophisticated look in her video tutorial, and check out the details in our step-by-step guide, below.

Tutorial: How to Create a Low Puff on Natural Hair

Step 1

Wash and condition your hair.

You’ll want to start this style with clean and conditioned hair. Try out an effective duo, like Suave Professionals Keratin Infusion Color Care Shampoo and the Suave Professionals Keratin Infusion Color Care ConditionerThis system works to cleanse and condition your hair, all while creating a lasting smoothness and frizz-free finish.


low puff starts with clean hair
Step 2

Brush your puff.

After gently drying your hair, use a natural bristle brush to smooth your strands back into a low puff at the nape of your neck. Loosely secure it in place with a hair tie.

Now spritz a small amount of the TRESemmé TRES Two Extra Firm Control Gel onto your hands and run it through the top of your hair. This will ensure that your puff stays in place without any frizz or flyaways.

low puff: brush your puff
Step 3

Secure your puff.

Now that your puff is looking sleek, use a stronger hair tie to tightly fix your puff in place. Mini Marley recommends using an elastic headband for this step as they’re more durable than regular hair ties!


low puff using hair tues
Step 4

Tame your baby hairs.

Next, take the TRESemmé Gel you used earlier and use it to smooth down any baby hairs around your hairline. Mini Marley suggests using an unused toothbrush to do this, but a fine-toothed comb works just as well.

taming a low puff with a toothbrush
Step 5

Apply some oil to your hair.

Glossiness is key for this look, so to achieve a mirror-like shine, rub a few drops of the Suave Professionals Moroccan Infusion Styling Oil between your palms and smooth it through your natural hair. This will also help to define and accentuate your natural wavy texture.

woman applying oil to her hair
Step 6

Final look.

And just like that, your low puff is complete! Slick enough for a glam night out, yet quick enough to do everyday. The styling possibilities really are endless!

creating a low puff on natural hair

If you’re planning on trying out Mini Marley’s natural curly hair tutorial, remember to use the hashtag #StyleItOn when posting your finished look to Instagram or Twitter!

Loved this natural hair tutorial and want to try out more of these cool tutorials? Check out the rest of our Style It On series.

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