Bantu Knots on Weave: 10 Styles That Can Be Created on Extensions

Give your hairstyle a new twist.

As many of us may know, Bantu knots have derived from a tribe in Africa. Over the years, women have taken inspiration from the style and recreated their own version of the look based on their personal taste and preferences. One of the many ways to wear the knots include Bantu knots on weave styles. While the style can be done without a weave as well, experimenting with other hairstyles and extensions can be fun, too.

Before you dive into the Bantu knots on weave hairstyle ideas below (and above), we’d like to point out that not all of these hairstyles involve a weave. However, every single one can be achieved with a weave (or extensions) if you wanted too. Whether you want box braids, crochet braids or a curly weave, here are ten ways to rock with look with Bantu knots:

1. Bantu Knots on Medium Box Braids

bantu knots on weave: box braids
Bantu knots on weave styles like box braids. Photo credit:

Switch up your style and create something funky with the addition of Bantu knots.

2. Jumbo Bantu Knots

Bantu knots on weave: braids
Go big or go home.

Truth be told, Bantu knots are actually smaller in size. However, it doesn’t hurt to get inspired by the look and create your own version. Try these jumbo knots on your box braided style.

3. Bantu Knots All Over

Bantu knots on weave: complete head
The complete Bantu ‘do. Photo credit: Dvora

Whether you’re wearing a weave or not, this is a great protective styling option for your hair. Twist hair into Bantu knots all over and secure with a hair tie.

4. Bantu Knots on Curly Weave

Bantu knots on weave: curly
Update your curly weave with this side Bantu style.

Got a curly weave? Here’s a Bantu knots on weave for you. Try this side Bantu style on your hair which is partly inspired by the side-shaven hairstyle look.

5. Bantu with Fringe

Bantu knots of weave: fringe
Add a fringe. Photo credit:

Step out of the box and try something new with your Bantu knots. Leave a few pieces of hair out at the ends to create a fringe. Backcomb the ends of your fringe to create texture and set with TRESemmé Compressed Micro Mist Hairspray Texture Hold Level 1 to complete.

6. Half-Up Bantu Knots

Bantu knots on weave: half up
What can’t the half-up style be paired up with? Photo credit: Dvora

We have yet to come across a hairstyle that cannot be paired up with the half-up trend. Part your hair from ear-to-ear to separate into two sections then create your Bantu knots style at the top of your head. Use a gel like Nexxus Exxtra Hold Sculpting Gel to set your knots in place.

7. Crochet Bantu

Bantu knots on weave: crochet
This look will inspire you to create Bantu on crochet braids.

If you’re looking for Bantu knots on weave styles like crochet braids, this is a great style to try on your hair. This style gives us serious festival vibes but you can wear it to other occasions as well.

8. Mohawk Bantu

Bantu knots on weave: bangs
Steal this runway style. Photo credit:

This is a fun and easy way to create a mohawk hairstyle without cutting your hair. Try this look with a weave or with your own hair.

9. Sleek Bantu Updo

Bantu knots on weave: sleek hair
Sleek, fun and easy. Photo credit:

Want a polished updo with Bantu knots? This sleek updo is perfect. Straighten your hair with a flat iron for a sleek finish.

10. Bantu Knots Styling

Bantu Knots on Weave styling
Sometimes it takes a village. Photo credit:

Sometimes more hands are better than one. If you don’t think you can handle creating Bantu knots on weave on your own, you can also get the look done by a stylist.

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