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How to Ask Your Stylist for a Tousled Cut

The simple questions you need to know.

If you’re looking to get a lob or a bob with a bit of flair, consider getting a tousled cut. This look is still popular on the red carpets, on the runway and beyond. But how does on leave the salon with the right look? Simple! Ask your stylist for exactly what you want. Read on to learn how to speak your stylist’s language (or closest to it) to get the tousled haircut you’re after.

Tousled Cut: What to Ask for at The Salon

young woman in salon with tousled cut
Speak up and have your stylist demonstrate the many ways you can style a tousled cut. Photo credit: Farraz Essani Photography

We’ve all been in the hot seat, yes we are talking about the stylist’s chair, sweating bullets because we’re afraid to really explain to the pro our taste and preferences. Listen up, it’s your hair so do explain to your hairstylist how you would like to look when you walk out the door.

1. How short or how long?

How low do you want to go? Do you want a bob length or a lob length for styling flexibility. Communicate to your stylist how you plan to wear your hair if you don’t have time to come in for a hair appointment or if you’re just having a lazy day. If throwing your hair up into a ponytail is one of your go-to styles opt for a lob that hits you right above your shoulders.

2. To layer or not to layer?

More layers, more movement. If you really want a true tousled cut, go for the gold! Settle on just enough layers to give your look enough body and movement.

3. Choose your finish.

How do you want your hair to feel on a day-to-day basis? Do you want loads of texture in your tousled cut everyday? Or, do you want to switch it up and wear it bone straight. Depending on what you choose, ask your stylist what you can do at home to recreate the look. Here’s a little cheatsheet: For sleek styles, opt for flat ironing with TRESemmé Get Sleek Heat Protection Spray. To create the tousled look, check out our tousled hair tutorial. Or you can apply a product, like Suave Professionals Texturizing Sea Salt Spray, onto your damp hair to create effortless-looking waves. Finish with Dove Style + Care Strength and Shine Flexible Hold Hairspray to secure your look and add shine.  

Now you know how to ask for your cut! Learn the many ways to style wavy hairstyles. Check out how to create a wavy bob hairstyle

Alyssa François
Your Mane Attraction, Alyssa
03 February 2017