TRESemmé Between Washes Style Refresh All-in-1 Styling Spray

Is It Right For Me?

For multi-taskers that want an efficient, effective hair routine to boot, this multi-purpose styling spray is right up your alley. This nourishes dry locks, tames flyaways and preps hair for heat-styling… not to mention a fresh, clean scent to leave you feeling uplifted!

Top Tip

This does-it-all spray is a hydration booster, flyaway tamer, style primer and heat protectant all in one.

How To Use

Spray a few pumps directly onto dry hair and style as desired. To smooth and reset hair, spray a few pumps directly onto hair (focusing on mid-lengths and ends) and style as desired. Looking for a style overhaul? Use generously and blow-dry before styling with heat tools.