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ATTN Men: This Styling Foam will Cut Your Hair Prep Time in Half

A must-try, no-stress styling product for men!

Attention all men struggling with flat hair and hairstyling woes: We know how overwhelming styling your hair can get with so many different products. It can be especially tricky if you want a fuller style, but then all of the hair gels and waxes end up weighing down your strands.

Don’t give up! What if we told you there’s a product you can use to achieve body and hold in a lightweight formula? Let us introduce you to styling foam, an easy alternative to heavy hair styling products. We’ll explain how to use this product and why we love it so much. Read on:

How to Use Styling Foam

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So, what are styling foams? This is a styling product that you use on your damp hair, prior to blow-drying. The product will provide you with a light texture and hold for style longevity but it won’t weigh your hair down the way a gel or pomade might. If you aren’t concerned about weighed down strands, then you can add in another styling product to your look after blow-drying.

To apply your styling foam, take one to two pumps of it and massage it through towel-dried hair. Once it’s in, you can blow-dry your hair to your desired shape. This foam will help keep your hair in place as you dry it so you can cut out that step after if you want!

We highly recommend using Nexxus Clean & Pure Nourishing Detox Conditioning Foam. This product gives you 24-hour hold and is formulated with body-building fibers to allow for fuller and thicker looking hair.

The Benefits of Using a Styling Foam

The number one benefit to adding a styling foam to your line up is the time it cuts down for you! You can manipulate the product as your dry your hair, and finish with a style that might take you longer if you had to use a pomade or gel after. If you have flat and thinner hair, you don’t want to overload it with heavy products, so switching to just this foam is a great alternative that still provides volume. It’s also a great product if you’re going for a more natural look as it’s less visible and lighter.

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