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How to Wear a Beanie Without Getting Hat Hair

Wear your favorite beanie without worrying about your hair.

Wearing a beanie while braving the cold weather doesn’t always seem worth it when measured against the damage this will do to your hair. Showing up to the office with hair that has been squashed by your favorite winter hat is enough to make you want to skip the winter gear completely. What’s a little bit of cold when the integrity of your hairstyle is at stake? Lucky for you, the choice is simple once you adjust your styling routine for the winter months.

Learning how to wear your favorite beanie without getting hat hair is actually a lot easier than you might think. Follow these three tips to avoid hat hair and stay warm on your commute:

How to Avoid Hat Hair

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If all else fails, cut your hair short for the duration of the season.

1. Fully dry your hair before you leave the house.

Get a handle on your wash and care routine and make sure to fully dry your strands before you leave the house. Wash and condition with AXE Apollo Clean & Strong 2-in-1 Shampoo and Conditioner and Conditioner and then blow dry your hair until it’s completely dry. If you run out the door with hair that’s still damp, you run the risk of your strands drying underneath your beanie. You’ll get to the office or to the restaurant for your dinner date with a head full of random cowlicks and kinks. Trust us and dry your hair before you go anywhere this season.

2. Double up on hair product.

Stash an extra bottle of your go-to hair styling product in your desk drawer. When you get to the office and remove your hat, you can revamp your style with a little extra hair product. We suggest AXE Messy Look: Matte Gel. This product delivers the control of a classic gel without any of those over-styled wet hair vibes.

3. Talk to your barber about going shorter.

Opting for a short haircut in the winter months will help you avoid this problem completely. Consider a buzzcut for the duration of the season. This way you can wear your favorite hat without worrying about messing up your style and suffering from dreaded hat hair.

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