7 Fade Haircut With Parts to Try at Your Next Haircut

Switch up your style by adding a part to your classic fade.

We’re forever fans of the preppy parted hairstyle for dudes and even undercut fades. It’s a classic look that hasn’t gone out of style for a reason! But, if you did want to update from the ’80s parted hair look, why not try a fade haircut with parts? A fade can instantly spiff up your regular hairstyle to make it much more modern and of-the-moment. Or, if you already have a fade, combing in a part can also take your look to a new level and refresh the way you normally wear your hair.

Read on to check out some of our favorite looks:

7 Ways to Try a Fade Haircut With Parts

Different ways to wear a fade haircut with part.
This is the top of the line when it comes to quiffs.

1. Classic Quiff

You can add a part to the classic quiff. And, really, because it’s angled to the side, a part kind of fits right in. We like to style a classic quiff with a classic product, like pomade. Just take a dab of Bed Head for Men Slick Trick™ Pomade and be on your way to styling your quiff! Use whatever pomade is left on your hands to smooth down the sides of your hair to enhance the look of your part.

Different ways to wear a fade haircut with part.
Love this curly top style.

2. Curly Top With Clippings

You know what’s cooler than a part? Clippings! A thin clipped-in line gives you the same effect as a fade haircut with a part but makes it just that little bit cooler. We love how this look was created with a natural curly top. It’s fun yet dapper at the same time.

Different ways to wear a fade haircut with part.
Rock that gelled-up look. Photo credit: indigitalimages.com

3. Gelled-Up Long Fade

There’s always a place for gelled-up hair. If you’ve never gelled your hair before, we suggest using the  Bed Head For Men Power Play Firm Finish Gel. It has the hold and shine you need to get the look. Just apply about a quarter-sized amount to your hands and rake through your hair, pulling upwards. Exactly the same as the quiff, you’ll want to take whatever gel is left on your hands to style the sides of your hair down.

Different ways to wear a fade haircut with part.
The ultimate slicked-over style. Photo credit: indigitalimages.com

4. Extra-Shiny Scissor Fade

This slick comb over is almost too great. The texture mixed with the long scissor fade makes for a classic but somehow edgy style. You can create this look by taking the AXE Smooth Look: Shine Pomade and running it over the top of your hair. Then, create your part with a comb, smoothing both sides down and away. Use just a little extra pomade on the front hairs that can stick out or any other hairs that don’t like to stay in this slick style.

Different ways to wear a fade haircut with part.
This style is worth the effort. Photo credit: indigitalimages.com

5. The Pomp and Undercut Fade

The classic pomp is great and all, but why not wear it with an undercut fade? An undercut, just like adding a clipped-in line, makes for a cool part alternative. Fading the edges takes it a step further and makes sure this old-school-meets-new look has flow. You will need to use a blowdryer to create this look, but it’s worth the learning curve to wear this slick style.

Different ways to wear a fade haircut with part.
Our favorite weekend style.

6. Tousled Wavy Quiff

We have a real soft spot for the wavy, textured quiff. All that texture works great with a part and fade for a little bit of clean-cut contrast. To create this style, use the Axe Messy Look: Matte Gel and run your fingers at an angle away from your face. Choose random sections to lift, adding even more messy texture to this sweet look.

fade haircut with parts: sharp part
Clean, hard part.

7. Fade Haircut Hard Part

This fade haircut style features a sharp and clean hard part. If you want a cut with a really prominent cut, use this look as inspiration. Comb hair over to the side combover style to achieve the look.

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