Undercut Fade: Your Go-To Style Gets an Upgrade

Take your fade to the next level.

The undercut fade maintains the classic characteristics of the popular fade haircut with the added edginess of a clean undercut. Pairing together two of men’s hairstyles biggest trends, the undercut fade is the epitome of a trendy and cool style. Spotted on fashion bloggers and influencers and likely your local barista, too, the faded undercut truly has taken over the men’s hairstyle world.

If you’re thinking about trying the mens undercut fade but you’re not quite sure how to wear the style then read on for some inspiration:

1. Styled Curls

undercut fade styled curls brunette
Tame your curls with the right hair product.

Tame your curls with just a touch of hair gel and show off your undercut just beneath them. Use Dove Men + Care Control Gel to streamline and define your curls and keep them in tip top shape.

2. Brushed Back

undercut fade styled brushed back thick brunette
Brush your waves back.

Brush your waves back away from your face for a put together look. The contrast of your thick waves and the shaved undercut will create a striking balance.

3. Slicked Down

undercut fade slicked back brunette
Slick your strands down.

Run your comb under water and slick your strands back into a clean and neat look.

4. Hard Part Fade

undercut fade parted brunette beard
Work a few different trends into one look.

Who says you can only incorporate one trend at a time? Get in on the hard part fade trend for an even edgier look.

5. Defined Curls

undercut fade moussed curls braids
Braid your curls for some added detail.

Run Bed Head For Men By TIGI Power Play Firm Finish Gel through your curls to give them definition and hold. Create teeny tiny braids along the part for a detailed and unique transition from your curls to your undercut.

6. Messy Texture

undercut fade messy brunette
Get in on a grunge look.

Let your hair do what it does naturally and simultaneously get in on the grungy messy hair look.

7. Tousled

undercut fade medium brown tousled
Run your fingers through your hair for some tousled texture.

Run your fingers through your hair and take advantage of the natural oils that your scalp produces to create a tousled and textured look.

8. Lightly Styled

undercut fade medium brown close beard
Keep the styling to a minimum.

Opt for a cropped haircut that results in a lightly styled and not overdone look.

9. Volumized

undercut fade gray brown volume
Amp up the volume.

Fake thicker hair by adding some volume to your strands. Use a teasing comb to backcomb the front of your hairline to add volume and give the illusion of thicker hair.

10. High Shine

undercut fade golden blonde
Consider this glossy look.

Give your hair an added dose of shine by styling your strands with AXE Smooth Look: Shine Pomade.

11. Trimmed Beard

undercut fade dirty blonde trimmed beard
Pair your undercut fade with a trimmed beard.

Pair your undercut fade with a neatly trimmed beard.

12. Swoop

undercut fade dark brown swoop
Yes, it’s a thing.

Consider a cartoon-like swoop as an easy way to add some extra character to your style.

13. Gelled

undercut fade dark brown gelled
Style your strands.

Use some of hair gel we mentioned earlier to create a styled and ‘done’ look suitable for every special occasion.

14. Classic Fade

undercut fade classic
Give your classic fade a subtle upgrade.

Don’t go crazy altering a style that’s already working for you. Instead, ask your barber to simply shave a little closer for the undercut portion of the style.

15. Cropped Beard

undercut fade blonde cropped beard
Consider a cropped beard.

Pair your undercut fade with a cropped beard for an on-trend and wearable style.