Disconnected Undercut Styles: 20 Standout Looks for Men

There's no running out of styling options here. 

The disconnected undercut, otherwise known as one of the most popular undercut styles for men, looks exactly as the name suggests. With this style, you can see the clearly where the contrast between the length of the your hair and the cleanly shaven part begins and ends. Whats extremely favorable about this look is that you can play with so many different styles on the lengths to update your look or to make it stand out from the rest.

If you need help coming up with fun and unique ways to style the this undercut version, we’ve rounded up 20 of our top favorite styles for men. Check them out below:

20 Disconnected Undercut Styles for Men

disconnected undercut: the half up
Mix your look with a popular trend. Photo credit: Dvora

1. The Half Up

Try a trendy hair style with your disconnected undercut style.

disconnected undercut: african american hair
Give your texture the sponge curl effect.

2. Disconnected Undercut with Sponge Curls

Don’t know what to do with your hair texture? Embrace it. Awaken your curls with this sponge curl look.

disconnected undercut brown hair
Texture is key.

3. The Brushed Out Style

Try this piecey lived-in look with your disconnected undercut. Use a styling product like AXE Urban Messy Look: Flexible Paste to help enhance the texture.

disconnected undercut: circular shape
Think out of the box.

4. The Circular Shape

Have fun with the look, go for different shapes to make your look standout.

disconnected undercut: combover
A style that looks great on any face shape.

5. The Undercut Comb Over

The undercut style is a look anyone can get after. To err on the classy side, keep it neat.

disconnected undercut: combed back
Comb it back and keep it simple.

6. The Combed Back Disconnected Undercut

You can ever go wrong with this simple styling idea. Use a gel, like Dove Men+Care Control Gel, to keep cowlicks at bay.

disconnected undercut fade: side part
Side parts create an edgy look.

7. Disconnected Undercut Fade

Create an edgier look by adding a sharp side part.

disconnected undercut fringe
Fringe benefits.

8. Disconnected Undercut Fringe

A fringe is always a good idea if you want to update and old look. Wear it straight, add texture or sweep it over to the side of your face.

the gelled down disconnected undercut
Smooth operator. Photo credit: Dvora

9. The Gelled Down Undercut

Sleek your hair down to put your disconnected undercut style on display.

disconnected undercut: wet look
The wet look. Photo credit: Dvora

10. Wet Texture Undercut

Try this wet look style on your hair to give your undercut style an interesting look. Opt for using a styler that provides shine like AXE Smooth Look: Shine Pomade to help achieve the look.

disconnected undercut hightop
The higher the hair, the harder they’ll stare.

11. High Top Undercut

There are so many hightop variations to try with this look. Go for a juice haircut or try curly twists.

disconnected undercut: the classic look
Keep it simple.

12. Classic Disconnected Undercut

Want to go for a classic, everyday look? Ask your barber to not make the demarcation line as noticeable.

long disconnected undercut
Make a statement with your look.

13. Undercut with Long Hair

Go for a high-impact look with a clean undercut juxtaposes with long, straight hair.

disconnected undercut: man bun
Ideal style for work or play.

14. The High Man Bun

Mid man bun too low for you? Coil the ends up higher to create this top knot style.

disconnected undercut: man bun
Man buns aren’t going out of style.

15. The Mid Man Bun

This is a simple an easy style to create. Need help? Here’s how to make a man bun with our simple tutorial.

disconnected undercut pompadour
The new way to sport the pomp. Photo credit: Dvora

16. Undercut Pomp

Take advantage of your length and create looks like this undercut pomp. Use a blowdryer to help with height and volume before creating your style.

disconnected undercut short bun
Man bun works for all lengths.

17. The Mini Bun Undercut

Got short hair? That doesn’t mean you can’t join in on the man bun fun. Gather your hair into this teeny, yet stylish bun and use hairpins to help secure in place.

disconnected undercut: mohawk inspired
Make it like a mohawk but better.

18. The Mohawk Inspired Look

Take inspiration from some of your favorite hairstyles to create your own unique look.

disconnected undercut: slicked back
Keep it professional.

19. The Slick-Back

If you can’t play around with the look of your hair as you’d like, you can always settle on something that’s simple for any occasion. Slick your hair back with some pomade and you’re done.

disconnected undercut: wavy
Keep it defined or disheveled.

20. The Wavy Undercut

Not only does this wavy look create movement throughout your style, it also adds a fun touch.

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