Beyond the Bias: How Hair Mousse for Men Can Level Up Your Game

Sexy, thicker-looking hair that doesn't feel sticky... where do we co-sign?

Fullness, lift, control—what can’t mousse do? The beloved foam hair styling agent has been responsible for tons of volumized looks since it hit our shores in the 1980s, revolutionizing how we handled and applied hair products. And although using hair mousse for men hasn’t been as common an occurrence (it’s typically been marketed for the ladies), it’s in no way gender-exclusive and can totally fit into any man’s styling routine, with a few how-tos.

Ready to pump up the volume (sorry, couldn’t resist) on your day-to-day regimen? Scroll on and see how picking up a can of hair mousse for men can level up your hair game:

Hair Mousse for Men: The Basics

Mousse comes from the French word for foam, and like most things French, packs an inherent style punch. It’s also remarkably efficient: Applied directly before blow-drying, it helps increase your hair’s fullness and gives it more body and oomph, both crucial respites for men starting to suffer from hair loss.

Less is more!

In addition to reinforcing your blow-dry, it’s also really easy to apply—foolproof, even—and is quicker to rinse off your hands than gels or pomades. A little goes a long way too, and its foam consistency allows for a more even spread. A golf ball-sized amount is perfect: It holds your shape and gives you lightweight volume for the day, without a greasy and stringy look. Editor’s tip: Start with the amount of shaving cream you use, then gauge from there if your hair type needs more.

hair mousse for men cream
Hair mousse tip: For mousse, replicate the amount of shaving cream you use and add on as needed from there.

Volume + Hold

Mousse is also a clever little multitasker, offering both volume and control in one step. So for men who’ve never really taken to layering, or, as we say in the biz, “cocktailing” their hair products (let’s face it, with most things in life, one and done is the way to go), a styler that checks off all the boxes is one that’s definitely worth looking into.

That said, we love foams that also don’t leave our hands a sticky mess. We should all be free to walk out the door after we fix up for the day. Try Suave Professionals Natural Volume Mousse if you’re looking for a mousse that will get the job done without making your hair sticky.

How to Use Hair Mousse for Men

A short primer for the uninitiated:

1. Apply on clean, damp hair. Then shake the mousse bottle and hold it vertically against your palm while pressing the nozzle. Dispense a golf-ball-sized amount of foam.

2. Press your palms together lightly to help spread the foam onto both hands. Then rake hands through hair until all foam is spread, i.e. all the white “bubbles” have been absorbed. Editor’s tip: Concentrate product on the roots for more lift and to avoid any greasiness.

3. Then, depending on your style for the day, you can either blow-dry hair for more volume and polish (click here for some awesome tips on blow-drying men’s hair). You can also leave your freshly moussed locks to air-dry for a grungier, messier appeal (these surfer-dude looks are also in season, just in case you were wondering).

hair mousse for men pompadour
The pompadour gets its telltale lift from a volumizing product like mousse.

For fans of the classic, groomed-gentleman appearance, note that puffy pompadours, quiffs and even really trendy blow-dried undercuts all owe their staying power to a good, quality mousse. Style these looks using a fine-toothed comb at an angle. You’ll see the difference it makes in the thickness, body, and shape of your hairstyle.

Other foams we love: Dove Style+Care Volume Amplifier Mousse and Nexxus Styling Mousse Plus.



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