17 Man Bun and Beard Combos We’re Kinda Obsessed With

Bringing lumbersexual all the way to 2018.

The man bun seems like it will forever be trending in the men’s style world. It’s an easy hairstyle for men with mid-length to long hair, and those with short hair are even finding clever ways to take part in the style. Nowadays, man bun and beard styles are having a major moment, especially during these soon-to-be lazy chilly days. Scroll down to see several trendy ways you can wear a man bun and beard combo:

1. Wear it with some stubble.

man bun and beard: top knot style
All the way up, top knot style.

What’s nice about the top knot style man buns is that they’re an easy go-to look for just about any occasion. Wear it neat for daytime or with a slightly dishevelled finish for the night.

2. Wear it low.

man bun and beard: low bun
Low with a deep side part.

If you’re wearing the man bun and beard style every day of the week, try a new position with your bun to keep the look fresh. We like the low bun style for the office.

3. Pair up your man bun and beard with curls.

man bun and beard: man bun curly hair
Great texture-play.

Textured styles like this contrast nicely against thick beards. For defined curls, rub a fingertip amount of Dove Men+Care Defining Pomade throughout your damp hair, then air-dry.

4. Style it on gray hair with a salt-and-pepper beard.

man bun and beard: gray hair
Salt and pepper man bun and beard. Photo credit: indigitalimages.com

The man bun and beard style has no age. Whether you have a few strands of grays or are full-on silver-foxing, the look works for any hair type. Pair up a salt and pepper beard with a full gray man bun.

5. Loop it halfway through with a thick beard.

man bun and beard: half tuck
Tuck it in halfway.

We’re into this lazy bun look. Loop your man bun through a hair elastic halfway to recreate this fanned bun effect.

6. Try the half-up man bun and beard style.

man bun and beard: half up style
Half-up, half-down. Photo credit: indigitalimages.com

From women to men, the half-up hair trend is a universal trend that we simply can’t get enough of. Try the look with a lived-in texture.

man bun and beard: neat udpo
The neat look means business.

Want a clean and smooth look? Try this sleek style. Use AXE Smooth Look: Shine Pomade to create the shiny and tamed finish.

8. Wear it loose

man bun and beard: loose bun
Loose and neat at the same time.

Fellas, we hate to break it to you but super tight man buns can create tension on your hairline and cause hair loss. Give your hair a break from time to time by creating a looser man bun style. We love the juxtaposition of this loose bun and thick beard.

9. Pair clean beard with a sharp undercut.

man bun and beard: sharp undercut
Pair your freshly lined beard with a sharp undercut style.

Need a fresh and new way to wear your beard with your man bun? Pair it up with a super sharp undercut style.

10. Try the look on shorter hair lengths.

man bun and beard short hair
Man buns are great for short hair too!

Got short, fine hair? You can still give the man bun and beard trend a go! Gather your hair into a mid-bun, or whichever position works for your hair length and loop the ends through a hair tie.

11. Sleek Undercut + Full Beard

man bun and beard undercut
Take this as an opportunity to show off your undercut.

Amp up your well-trimmed beard with a polished man bun hairstyle. We like that this look incorporates an undercut, and keeps the look from getting to be a little too much. To slick down your hair for this man bun, we suggest using a firm-hold gel to the base of your bun. Comb through so you’re free of any bumps, then tie the rest of your hair into a man bun.

12. Half-Up Bun + Medium Beard

man bun and beard half pony
A half-pony shows off some glorious sideburns too.

If you’ve got lots of hair, show it off! We’re a little obsessed with this half-up man bun, which looks particularly good on guys with wavy to curly hair textures. You can follow this tutorial to recreate this half-up man bun hairstyle. Pair it with a good trim on your beard, paying attention to the notches on your sideburns and cheeks, so the overall look isn’t too scruffy.

13. High Bun + Yeard

man bun and beard long
Congrats on your yeard! Now show it off with a high knot.

For a laid-back, somewhat Pacific Northwestern style, you can’t go wrong with a year-long beard (or “yeard”) and a high knotted bun. If you are a champion hair grower, rock the look! Just keep your beard trimmed as you go along, so you still look neat (and, yes, approachable) even while pulling off that grungy scruff.

14. Low Bun + Stubble

man bun and beard stubble
Some overnight scruff can look appealing when matched with an easygoing man bun.

Do you like to keep your facial hair on the shorter side? Or did you just forget to shave for a couple of days, and are now kinda digging the look? Either way, good—we’ve got a look for you in the low man bun. This relaxed version of the man bun and beard combo gives off a somewhat clean-cut look, but with a bit of chill. All you need to do is tie your hair into a bun at the nape of your neck instead of on top of your head, and you’ll be stylin’ in seconds.

15. Looped Knot + Medium Beard

man bun and beard medium length
Even all-around, with a bit of a funky touch in the back. Photo credit: Dvora

You don’t need to have an actual bun each and every time to go for the man bun and beard look. We like this looped-knot version, which is perhaps a half-step easier and quicker to do, especially on busier mornings. Simply tie your elastic around your hair as if making a knot, but leaving hair not completely pulled through on the last round. The super-symmetrical shape of this full beard balances out the loose ends on top.

16.  Quarter Pony + Short Beard

man bun and beard half pony
A quarter ponytail (or half of a half) is a good option for guys with thinner hair. Photo credit: Dvora

Guys with thinner hair all-around can still rock the boho-chill vibe of a man bun and beard by just adjusting the proportions. Instead of a full-on half-ponytail where you take hair until the ears, just gather up a smaller section of hair on your crown area for your bun. The rest of your strands can remain a bit natural and tousled so you get fuller-looking hair. Keep your beard short and natural, with softer edges so you don’t look too patchy.