Long Hairstyles for Men: 7 Dapper Looks for the Holidays

Some strategic slicking is in order.

If you’re a fan of long hairstyles for men or have been sporting one for a while, chances are that the hair tie is your friend. The man bun, top knot, and ponytail have been go-to looks in your daily routine, and well and good—they fulfill the purpose of being stylish and practical at the same time.

Holidays, special occasions and more formal events however might require spiffier ways to wear those long hairstyles for men. Sure, that everyday messy ponytail might pass muster in the workplace, but it might not at fancier evenings, like your sister’s wedding, or taking your girlfriend to The Nutcracker ballet. For these, good sirs, we bring out the big (or at least, more dapper) guns. Read on:

long hairstyles for men braids
A slick alternative to an afro. Photo credit: Dvora

1. Cornrow Braid

If you’ve already sported an afro or dreadlocks during the day, why not switch things up with a cornrow braid for evening affairs? This long hairstyles for men is a unique look that one, keeps your texture manageable throughout a long night of partying and two, keeps it frizz-proof too—winter weather is notoriously dry, making curly hair types even more susceptible to dryness.

long hairstyles for men slicked back
Gel back those curls to give your hair some structure. Photo credit: Dvora

2. Slicked Curls

Long hairstyles that start around chin-length and have a wavy to curly hair texture can get away with some strategic slicking. The trick is to use a non-greasy pomade (we like Bed Head for Men by TIGI Slick Trick), warm a finger-swipe’s amount between your palms, and slick back just the sides and top/bang area. Tuck the sides behind your ears, and brush your fringe away from your face, opening up your features. A favorite trick of longer-haired celebrities while on the red carpet, this also gets rid of any stray locks on your forehead so you don’t end up with a windswept look.

long hairstyles for men undercut brush back
Brush back your long undercut for more formal events.

3. Brushed Undercut

Long undercuts tend to look floppy and lopsided—not exactly words you want describing you while at a wedding, company party or meeting your S.O.’s parents at Thanksgiving. If you’re attached to the look (we don’t blame you!), quiet down any punk overtones by playing up the undercut‘s vintagey side. Brushing it up and back at a slight angle is a crisp way to style long hairstyles with a fade or a side-shave such as these. A classic pomade, like AXE Signature Clean-Cut Look: Classic Pomade, can help give you some grip without the grease.

long hairstyles for men blown out
A blowdryer, your new best friend. Photo credit: indigitalimages.com

4. Blown Out

Guys with straight textures can get away with a neat, squeaky-clean look even if their hair is past their jawlines. The secret: A great, sleek blowout. Forget the notion that girls have the market cornered on this technique, as it’s a way to finally straighten out that cowlick or get any kinks out of your hair—as well as get some major, shampoo-commercial shine—in less than 10 minutes. All you need is a round brush and a lightweight, non-overpowering serum, such as Nexxus Humectress Encapsulate Serum, applied from ear-length to the ends. Apply a dime-sized amount of serum and proceed to blow-dry your hair straight, in a light but firm downward tugging motion.

long hairstyles for men side swept
Rough-dry with a blowdryer and part to one side. Photo credit: indigitalimages.com

5. Rough-Dried

The bad boy/lazier/only-have-five-minutes-to-get-ready version of the sleek blowout, this is a look that’s easiest to recreate on wavier textures. It also takes a blowdryer, but using considerably less torque with your brush, if at all. After showering (we recommend using a system that leaves hair thick and full-looking, like Dove Men+Care Thick & Strong Fortifying 2 in 1 Shampoo + Conditioner), towel-dry hair and using your fingers, start blowdrying hair on a medium-setting. Continue until 90% dry, and create a side part and tuck behind your ears. Done and done. Note: Best for dinner dates, cocktail parties and hanging out with your friends, these long hairstyles are trendier and have a more modern-looking texture, so best reserve them for non-work-related soirées.

long hairstyles for men bun sleek
Use a rat-tail comb to smoothen the front of your hairline.

6. Smooth Bun

We couldn’t let this one go, now could we? No list of long hairstyles is complete without Old Faithful: the man bun. However, this version is a lot more grown-up, owing to a few details: first, the smooth base (done with a non-sticky gel, such as Bed Head for Men by TIGI Power Play, combed through with a fine-toothed comb), and second, a more compact bun. If your hair is too short for a traditional bun—and not a knot, where the ends are left spiky and untucked—do a half-ponytail instead so you have more room to coil hair around itself. Which brings us to…

long hairstyles for men half updo
Keep your hair out of your face—and out of your drink.

7. Half-Pony

The half-ponytail. Commitment-phobes, this is for you! The half-pony is a versatile look that can be as gelled back or as natural-looking as you want it to be, depending on the occasion. It’s a keeper because it reins in your longer layers, keeping them away from your face, while leaving just the right amount of length at the back to touch your shoulders without looking unkempt. To style, a soft cream is best. Simply run a small finger-swipe amount of AXE Natural Look: Understated Cream from root to tip, and section off the top half of your head with a comb. Secure with a hair tie.

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