How to Grow a Man Bun: Easy Ways to Get the Look

This look has some serious staying power.

If you’ve been thinking about growing a man bun, you’ve probably already seen this style in men’s magazines, on your favorite actor or on the barista at your corner coffee shop. The basics of a man bun first, yes, involve growing your hair out, and from there you’ll need to master some styling tips in order to make the style more trendy than unkempt. Believe it or not, mastering the best way to keep your long hair out of your eyes is about more than just tossing your hair up!

If you’re ready, read on to learn more about how to grow a man bun and be prepared to change your just-rolled-out-of-bed game forever:

How to Grow a Man Bun Man bun hair
Man bun hair is a cool way to style your long hair.

1. Length is Necessary

First things first, to create the ultimate man bun you’re going to need medium length to long hair. Not all men can deal with that process since growing hair out can take a lot of time and be tedious but with some patience, you’ll get there. 10 to 12 inches is a good length to aim for to achieve a decent sized bun. Use a 2-in1- shampoo and conditioner, like Dove Men+Care Fresh & Clean Fortifying 2 in 1 Shampoo+Conditioner, to keep your hair fresh and clean throughout the hair growth process.

2. Still Get Trims

We know, the whole point of having longer hair was to skip out longer between barber appointments, but there’s no reason to look shabby. A regular trim of your ends, around every eight weeks just to keep things looking fresh, should be nothing to fuss about.

3. Wash Less Frequently

In order to look groomed, longer hair either needs some styling or a good cleanse. On days when you want to give your strands a rest from the pomade tin, gather your hair into a man bun instead. You can squeeze one more good hair day out of last Sunday’s wash, and your natural scalp oils will help give some sheen to your bun too.

4. Consider the Styles

The traditional man bun style usually features a top knot look. It’s a kind of messy style that features a bun that’s widely looped with an elastic band. The man bun can be worn high on top of the head or low at the nape in a semi bun. Make sure not to pull the hair too much as you create the style as this can lead to hair loss and split ends.

Shaved sides with hair on just the crown, also known as the undercut bun, is another cool way to wear your man bun. It’s a trendier and more bohemian way to wear your new style. Another style that’s recently caught our eye is the man braid. This weaving style allows your hair to get out of your face while infusing some style into a vanilla bun. It’s a great look for that in-between stage or for those with medium-length hair.

5. Styling Products You’ll Need

It’s time to rethink the kind of products you usually use for shorter hair and upgrade your stash to include products meant for longer strands. A gel, like AXE Spiked-Up Look: Extreme Hold Gel, and a pomade, like Bed Head for Men by TIGI Slick Trick Firm Hold Pomade, are both great hair care products to help keep your man bun in place.

This is especially ideal if you’re wearing your man bun in a professional setting.  Even if you are going for the “messy” look, these products will streamline your overall ‘do and keep it office-friendly.

Rubber bands are a definite no when it comes to securing your bun. Instead, opt for elastic bands or fabric hair ties that won’t pull hair out or knot up your strands. Note that fabric and elastic headbands are a good way to keep locks out of your face when working out or washing your face.

6. Use a Leave-In Conditioner or Dry Shampoo.

A dry shampoo, such as Dove Between Washes Go Active Dry Shampoo, is a chill, one-and-done product that can help refresh a stringy hairdo (especially after being outdoors). A conditioning detangler, like TRESemmé Pro Pure Detangle and Smooth Leave-In Conditioner can also provide a moisture boost or give strands some control when things get too unruly and you’re miles away from a good shower.

Now that you know how to make this simple look, we dare you to challenge yourself. Gone are the days of questioning, “what is a man bun;” now you’re ready to create the trendiest (and easiest) look on the block. Try out some of these styles to upgrade your man bun game:

1. High Bun

what is a man bun high bun
The high bun is a classic way to keep your style clean. Credit: Verity Jane Smith

The most common way to style a man bun is the basic high bun. You can make it sleek and smoothed out, or make it messy and casual with AXE Natural Look: Softening Cream. Whatever you choose, you’ll be ready to rock this bun in no time.

2. Low Bun

what is a man bun low bun
Get runway ready looks with this low man bun. Photo credit:

If you have extra long hair, a low man bun is perfect for you. It’s casual and fun and gives your hair a slightly messy-but-tamed look.

3. Half-Up, Half-Down

what is a man bun half up half down
Let your hair breath with this half-up, half-down style.

Get creative with your look by going for the half-up, half-down man bun (or “hun”) style. Get the best of both worlds with this fun and easy look while showing off your long mane. Just tame any unruly strands while giving your hair a tousled look with AXE Messy Look: Matte Gel.

4. Undercut

what is a man bun undercut
Give your man bun some extra detail with a shaved undercut. Credit: Verity Jane Smith

Stand out from the crowd with this sharp look. An undercut paired with your man bun is a great look to transform into a rockstar. Give your style an edgy look with this undercut finish.

5. Low Messy Bun

what is a man bun messy bun
Play around with your style by creating a messy, tussled man bun.

In a hurry? Then give your hair that fresh of out bed look with a messy bun. Don’t worry, the messier the better, so make that bun as shaggy and loose as you want. The looser the strands, the more eye-catching your bun will look.

6. High Messy Bun

man bun high messy bun
Same concept as the low messy bun, but on top of your head.

Place your messy bun on top of your head for more volume and to help get your long mane off the back of your neck. Remember, the look is supposed to be a little haphazard, so don’t overthink it when you’re creating this style.

7. Top Bun

man bun top bun
You can still achieve a man bun even if not all of your hair makes the cut!

This style is perfect for those who want to rock a man bun but don’t have the length all around to be completely gathered into a bun. Just create a bun with the top section of hair and let the rest remain down to give the look more texture.

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