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Ever since the man bun's arrival, it's been giving men with medium-to-long hair some serious styling options. In fact, the bro bun made has become one of the most replicated, admired and on-trends hairstyles for modern men.

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Seen as the it ‘do among the hipster crowd, not many people are aware that this trendy hairstyle has been seen for centuries, first appearing during the Roman Empire, along with the takeover of The Vikings (only for soldiers fortunate enough to have hair long enough to copy this style).

Today, the man bun trend has taken on a mind of its own, appearing everywhere from major urban cities to quaint towns in the suburbs. Whether slicked back to create a sophisticated, suave look or tossed into a messy low bun near the nape of the neck – the variations with this hair trend can plenty. And if you ask us, that’s all part of its charm.

You’ll find tonnes of tips and tricks on how to grow out your hair, and how to create this look. Plus, find video tutorials on how to style your bun, along with countless articles on the evolving styles and trends, featuring undercut man buns, half-up bro buns and everything in between! Our team of editors are geared to help any man brave enough to finally break out and unleash the power of his locks!

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