14 Edgy Ways to Wear the Curly Faux Hawk

This is by far the edgiest trend of the season.

The curly faux hawk is one of the coolest trends we’ve seen in the men’s style department in quite a long time. This style combines embracing (or faking) a curly texture and taking a bold leap straight into faux hawk territory. From overgrown fade styles to full-on faux hawks, we’ve got it all!

How to Get a Curly Faux Haux

We always recommend showing your barber a photo of the style you want to give them an exact idea of what you’d like to achieve. To get a curly faux hawk, the key is to ask for a fade at the sides, while leaving the top longer with layers cut in to add shape. How long (or short) you decide to go will depend on your hair type.

Once you’ve got the cut, you can use a styling paste or wax to mold the top of your hair however you want it.

We’ve compiled a collection of 14 on-trend ways to wear the curly faux hawk for guys, and we have a feeling you’ll take some major inspiration from these ideas. Curious about this up-and-coming trend? Read on:

How to Wear the Curly Faux Hawk: 14 Cool Looks

curly faux hawk voluminous top
Grow it up and out.

1. Amp Up the Volume

Grow your curls out and wear them brushed-through for a voluminous faux hawk that stretches out in every direction. This is one of our favorite curly hairstyles because it keeps your curls front and center and lets you show them off.

curly faux hawk red curly hair
Make double the statement.

2. Red and Curly

If you’re up for making a double statement with your strands then consider cutting your red hair into an overgrown red faux hawk. This style is attention-grabbing in the best way and manages to show off your color and your texture at the same time.

curly faux hawk overgrown natural
Let your natural curls do their thing.

3. Natural Curls

Grow your curls out and wear them extra long for a faux hawk look that incorporates a ‘fro. Our thought process when it comes to curls is if you’ve got them, flaunt them.

curly faux hawk natural curls
We can’t get enough of this natural texture.

4. Wear it Natural

Not quite ready to embrace a full-on afro? This slightly shorter style is a great alternative if you want to embrace your natural texture and get in on the faux hawk trend without going overboard.

curly faux hawk light brown curls
A little but of product will streamline your style.

5. Lightly Moussed

Give your curls some subtle definition and volume by running Suave Professionals Natural Volume Mousse through your strands. We think of this slightly shaggy look as a “boy next door” version of the faux hawk. It’s perfect for those aren’t 100 percent sold on the classic faux hawk style.

curly faux hawk medium length blonde
Grow your curls out to a medium length.

6. Wear it Loose

Wear your curls loose and let them hang down for a slightly softer take on the classic faux hawk style. While this look is definitely on the edgier side, there’s no reason you can’t soften it up a bit.

curly faux hawk high top fade
Make a fade work in your favor.

7. High-Top Fade

We consider the high top fade to be the slightly more modern brother of the curly faux hawk. This style includes the signature short sides and long top of the high-top fade and all of the drama of the faux hawk.

curly faux hawk gelled curls dark
Wear your curls nice and tight.

8. Gelled and Styled

Coil your curls using AXE Spiked-Up Look: Extreme Hold Gel. Run a nickel-sized amount of product through your curls to style and define them so they’re nice and tight.

curly faux hawk gelled curls beard
Pair your faux hawk with a beard to get in on two trends at once.

9. Add a Beard

Thinking about incorporating a beard into your look? This is a great way to get in on two trends at once and show off your styling and grooming skills at the same time.

curly faux hawk combed forward
A watered down faux hawk that still makes a statement.

10. Combed Forward

Wear your curls combed forward for a slightly watered-down version of the curly faux hawk. This enables you to make a hair statement while still staying in your comfort zone. Who knows? Maybe you’ll transition into a full-on spiked up faux hawk down the line.

curly faux hawk closely cropped
A subtle nod to the faux hawk.

11. Closely Cropped

We like to think of this closely cropped style a subtle nod to the faux hawk. If you’re set on keeping your haircut and style streamlined and not experimenting too much then this is the look for you.

curly faux hawk classic
A classic iteration of the faux hawk style.

12. The Classic

Go all in with a classic curly faux hawk. Combine natural curls that run down the length of your head and very closely shaven sides for the ultimate faux hawk style.

curly faux hawk brushed through curls
The easiest styling hack you’ll ever learn.

13. Brushed-Through Curls

All it takes to achieve this messy iteration of the faux hawk is running a brush through your curls. Easy, right?

curly faux hawk bleached fade
A cross between a faux hawk and a fade.

14. Bleached Fade

This cross between a faux hawk and a fade includes a streak of bleached hair that takes this edgy style to a whole new level.

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