Some of the Best Quiff and Combover Styles For Men

These quiff and combover styles are anything but boring!

If you were in awe of the edgy undercut trend, modern quiff and combover styles still allow you to stay ahead of the curve without requiring too much styling time. Take the quiff for example!  Combining elements from the pompadour and mohawk styles, modernized quiffs have become extremely popular, as they can be styled in a variety of ways. Even the combover, a style that usually tends to have a negative connotation, can be worn neat and elegant with the right styling products on hand. Whether you decide to wear your style polished, wavy or messy, here are some of our favorite quiff and combover styles for men to try out.

Six Quiff and Combover Styles You Can Try

quiff and combover hair for men with the texurized look
The texturized hairstyle can give a lot of movement to your hair.

1. Textured Quiff

A little texture and movement helps your quiff from looking over styled, so if you are blessed with a little bit of wave in your hair, don’t be afraid to air-dry your strands for that naturally undone look. But if your hair could use a little extra volume, work the Bed Head For Men by TIGI Pure Texture Molding Paste onto your clean hair for that sexy, tousled finish.

quiff and combover hairstyle for men with the clean cut
Part your combover over to the side for a sexy finish. Photo credit:

2. Short and Clean Combover

Combovers definitely get a bad rep, especially since the style alone brings imagery of outdated styles to mind. However, a combover can actually be quite clean and elegant, especially when the hair is parted and styled off to the side. To give your combover a posh finish, use the AXE Spiked-Up Look: Extreme Hold Gel on parted hair for a truly sophisticated look.

quiff and combover hairstyle with the slick look
Slick back your quiff for formal and special events.

3. Slicked Back Quiff

If your quiff is a bit on the longer side, it never hurts to play around with some pomade. This gives your style a retro finish that’s perfect for formal occasions and special events. To slick back your quiff properly, make sure to use the Axe Smooth Look: Shine Pomade. Using a little bit of this product helps provide essential hold, while giving your sleek style some added shine.

quiff and combover styles with the pompadour
Pompadours can just as trendy as undercut styles.

4. Polished Side Pompadour

Parted pompadours also make for a dapper combover style, especially since they can be worn off to the side for a classy finish. To get the look yourself, start by parting damp hair off to the side with fine-tooth comb. Finish with the Dove Men + Care Sculpting Paste to hold your style into place.

quiff and combover hairstyle with the spiked look
Spike up your quiff for some added edge.

5. Spiked Quiff

Although this look may be too intense for some, quiffs also look stunning when the top part of the style is spiked up playfully. To get this eye-catching look, use the Dove Men + Care Control Gel for the right amount of shine and hold. For some extra edge, ask your barber to taper your sides in order to achieve that cutting-edge finish.

quiff and combover styles with the side swept look
Carefully use some molding wax to get this unexpected look. Photo credit: Dvora

6. Sideswept Combover

Another parted style we love is this side swept look, which can look extremely striking when styled carefully. To get this unexpected look, use the S Factor by TIGI Creamy Molding Wax to carefully mold your hair into place.

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