Mohawk Hairstyles for Men to Look Into for 2017

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These aren’t your ’90s mohawks. 

Mohawk hairstyles for men used to reign supreme as the alt look of the ’90s. Nowadays, this former alternative style is just as welcome in your local cafe to the boardroom. The key to the modern mohawk is to keep things at an even length and to pair with another modern cut. You should also focus on making sure the overall texture isn’t too stiff or it can look dated. Read on to check out six of our favorite mohawk hairstyles for men in 2017.

Mohawk Hairstyles For Men: 6 Different Ways To Wear The Look

mohawk hairstyles for men super short
A shorter mohawk can work in professional settings as you show-off a slight edge.

1. Super Short Mohawk

Are you a young professional but still wants a modern look? Go for a short mohawk hairstyle that’ll work well in your professional life as well as your casual hangouts. To get a modern matte look to your mohawk, style it with the Bed Head By TIGI Manipulator Matte Cream. Just take a small amount in between your fingertips as you work with the texture of your hair, styling it upwards or towards the side.

Mohawk hairstyles for men slicked back
Add a modern touch to your mohawk in 2017 with a slicked back style. Photo credit: Dvora

2. Slicked Back Mohawk

For a cool look, try slicking your mohawk backwards. It doesn’t need to go straight up! Use the Axe Smooth Look: Shine Pomade and a comb to slick your mohawk backwards. The pomade will give you tons of shine without feeling stiff or uncomfortable. We like that this look is paired up with an undercut, it gives a slick modern look.

Mohawk hairstyles for men
Embrace your natural curls and still rock a mohawk in 2017. Photo credit:

3. Curly Mohawk

We love the look of this curly mohawk. So many mohawk hairstyles for men are focused on straight hair only. We think that a curly mohawk is just as good looking as a straight hairstyle. You may want to opt for a slightly shorter cut for your mohawk if you have curly hair though. Longer curls may just end up looking like a regular long on top crop.

Mohawk hairstyles for men
Have fun with textured layers for your mohawk in 2017.

4. Piecey Mohawk

For a modern take on the ’90s mohawk (the ’90s are fashionable now!) try this piecey look. It’s still not stiff like the ’90s look but it does call back to the piecey effect. To get this style use the Bed Head For Men By TIGI Power Play Firm Finish Gel. Because this is a firm finish gel you’ll only want to use a little bit of it on your fingertips. Just take your fingers and pinch together tiny pieces to create the look. It’s easy and super fashionable.

Mohawk hairstyles for men
A cool hairstyle combo that’s perfect for a range of jobs.

5. Mohawk & Quiff

We love when guys take two different haircuts and add them together to create a new look! This cut is a combo of the mohawk and the quiff. The mohawk is kept at a medium length that is super flattering. But, instead of styling it up like your average mohawk, it’s styled into a quiff at the front. The quiff is a good look to pair with the mohawk because it doesn’t compete with the mohawk, it compliments the look.

Mohawk hairstyles for men
Embrace your length with this cool mohawk idea.

6. Extra Long Mohawk

If you want to go all out for the extra long mohawk look, try wearing it in this swooping hairstyle. This cool look is achieved by styling different sections of hair, instead of all of the hair at once. You can tweak and twist to get different sections of hair to stick up so you don’t have one solid mohawk line. This makes the old school mohawk look super fresh and cool.

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13 December 2016