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Resurgence of the Mohawk Haircut

Try a new style with a little edge.

Whether you like it or not, the mohawk haircut is still going strong. Not only has the mohawk been a popular style during the ’80s punk era, but the mohawk hairstyle has also been making its rounds for centuries and was even worn by various tribal cultures. North American Indian warriors used to cut their hair in this traditional scalp-lock style in preparation for battle as it symbolized distinction from the enemy. 

Through the years, we’ve seen various amalgamations of this style, from rainbow colors to spiky mohawks. Today, they’re still worn as an expression of personal style, one that exudes bravery, confidence, and liberation as well as a statement of style and rebellion. From low-faded mohawks to braided mohawks, here are five modern ways to wear this fashionable look.

Mohawk Haircut: Five Ways

1. Braided Mohawk

Even guys are rocking braids these days by infusing plaits into a mohawk haircut. This is a fun way to wear two trends at once, no matter your hair texture. As long as you have at least four inches of hair, you can try a braid or two with your mohawk haircut. This style can be as simple as a French braid or as complex as a mixture of several cornrows styled into an edgy design.

black men hairstyles short dreads
Go short with your look with these awesome dreads. Photo credit: Indigital

2. Dreadlocks Mohawk

This dreadlock hairstyle proves that the mohawk has no limits. We love how men are now combining their dreadlocks together with the mohawk haircut in this cool faded style. Such a cool way to rock three looks at once!  

3. Ombré Mohawk

Taking it down just a notch from a mishmash of rainbow colors, guys are adding subtle highlights to the ends of their mohawks. A touch of color to enhance the style adds a vibrant and macho edge to the mohawk haircut. Opt for a tone that enhances your natural hair color and facial features, like your eyes, to keep things more on the classy side. If you want to pump up the jam a bit, try out the gray hair trend. When done right and applied gradually, this shade doesn’t overwhelm the mohawk haircut. Give the #GrannyHair trend a go and end it with a mussed-up, feathery texture to give it a more youthful spin and less like you took styling ideas from your cool grandpa!

mohawk haircut fade
Classy looking mohawk haircut.

4. Low Fade Mohawk

The low fade mohawk hairstyle is a simple way to get used to rocking the mohawk. It can be as plain as a low top with a low fade on the side, for starters. If you want to take the “go hard or go home” approach, opt for a high top with your mohawk and amp your style by adding some strong hold to the top area of your hair. Or, you can also add some fun and artistic designs to the low fade: Try a sharp double part or add some fun with star designs.

5. Curly Mohawk

Curly headed men are giving the mohawk haircut a stylish pop by playing with their texture. This curly style works well on short to long hair lengths. As long as you have a set of curly strands, give this style a go! Guys with a looser curl pattern can easily turn this hairstyle into a dapper wavy look, allowing the waves to cascade over the fade of the mohawk haircut. Great way to fake a straight-from-the-beach hairstyle!

Which of these mohawk haircuts are you going to try?

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