How To Style Fade Haircuts

4 Easy Ways To Style Fade Cuts! 

Whether you are rocking an edgy undercut or prefer a classic quiff or pompadour, it’s more than safe to say that fade haircuts are having a major moment right now. And while these kind of cuts tend to be lighter and weightless than others, styling the top part of your cut may seem tricky, but it can actually be done in a variety of different ways. If you are totally stumped on how to style fade haircuts, here are four styling ideas to keep in mind:

How To Style Fade Haircuts: 4 Styles To Totally Try

Texturizing Your Quiff Is A Great Example Of How To Style Fade Haircuts
How to Style Fade Haircuts: Use a good styling product to give your quiff some lift. Photo credit:

1. Add lift to your quiff.

Quiffs, without a doubt, are one of the most popular fade cuts of the moment, as it keeps bulky hair off your head with stylish tapered sides. And while you can wear your cut parted and straight, it never hurts to play up your look by adding some volume and texture. To pump up your quiff, start by applying some Bed Head for Men By TIGI Matte Separation Workable Wax on clean and damp hair. Then, use a fine-tooth comb to push your style upwards. Finish with some styling spray or some texturizing powder to help complete your look.

How To Style Fade Haircuts Includes Wearing Your Undercut Curly.
How to Style Fade Haircuts: A curly undercut always steals the show. Photo credit:

2. Wear your undercut curly.

If you have a high fade haircut, it never hurts to wear your undercut style curly and full of natural body. If you happen to be blessed with a natural wave or curl, don’t be afraid to embrace your own texture and air dry your cut in order to cut styling time down in half. But if your hair type has trouble holding a curl, be sure to work TRESemmé 24 Hour Body Foaming Mousse onto damp hair in order to achieve that undone curl.

How To Style Fade Haircuts Includes Sleeking Your Cut Off To The Side With Gel.
How to Style Fade Haircuts: Use some strong-hold styling gel to sleek your fade cut off to the side. Photo credit: Allyson Alapont

3. Slick your style off to one side.

When you want to take your undercut, pompadour or quiff to the next level, sleeking your style off to the side doesn’t require a lot of styling time. To get the look, start by simply applying a strong-hold styling gel onto damp hair. Then, take a good styling comb and carefully create a deep side part on the top part of your hair. Once you’ve successfully made your part, simply push your hair off to the side with your comb in to get that sleek and sexy look. Finish with some styling spray to keep your hair secure.

How To Style Fade Haircuts Includes Embracing Your Natural Texture
How to Style Fade Haircuts: Natural texture looks are having a major moment right now. Photo credit:

4. Embrace your natural texture.

Like fade haircuts, natural hairstyles are totally trendy, as these kind of styles have been seen everywhere on spring runways this season. But while these styles usually require minimal to practically no styling time, it’s important to maintain your hair with care. Be sure to cleanse and deep condition your natural hair often, and also try to sleep on a silk pillowcase in order to keep breakage to a minimum.

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