Humidity-Proof Rainy Day Updos to Earn You a Good Hair Day

Oh the weather outside is dreadful, but your hair should stay delightful!

As you’ve heard time and time again: Always save for a rainy day. You shouldn’t just apply this old adage to your bank account; apply it to your lineup of rainy day updos as well. It’s no secret rain and humidity can prevent a great hair day, but that’s no reason to not look (and feel) your best. Let’s be honest, wearing your hair down on a rainy day is basically a bad hair day waiting to happen. Once a drop of rain touches your hair it’s basically over—at least for the most of us!

Check out these amazing foolproof hairstyles to wear on a rainy day:

1. Side-Twisted Bun

yoga hairstyles low bun
A simple low bun keeps the hair from your face while you go through your flow.

The perfect hairstyle for those days you happen to get caught in the rain. We’ve totally been there before. Part your hair down the side or center, then loop your hair into this cute and simple updo to save the day!

2. Rainy Day Updos: Scarf Headband

rainy day hairstyles scarf headband
Use a scarf to create a headband.

Cover your hairline, a common area for pesky baby hairs and frizz to pop up in the rain, with a scarf headband. We love how chic this look is and it takes no effort at all!

3. Side-Braided Rainy Day Updo

Woman with Side-Braided Rainy Updo
Keep it simple with a braid. Photo credit: Suzanne Cohen Photography

Opt for this braided hairstyle for two reasons. One: It’s super cute and rather easy to do. Two: It’s a hack! You’re a plait away from a wavy hairstyle. Spritz some salt spray onto your hair, using a spray like Nexxus Between Washes Beach Waves Tousled Texture Sea Salt Spray to create a loose, textured look. Braid your hair into a single plait and secure the ends with a hair tie. When you have arrived at your destination, relate the braid and tousle your hair.

4. Double Bun with a Beanie

rainy day hairstyles beanie
There are so many ways to style a beanie.

Want the ultimate cozy rainy day hairstyle? Add a beanie! Create a double bun style and put on your fave beanie for a sweet and simple style.

5. Hat with Face-Framing Bangs

hairstyles for thin hair brown hair
Accessories help make the look of rainy day updos and they also help protect it from the weather.

Who said wearing a hat is boring? Try a wide brim hat on a rainy day but don’t hide all of your hair. Pull out some hair at the front to add face-framing bangs for a stylish touch. If you’re worried about getting your long bangs wet while you commute, tuck them in then release when you’re indoors.

6. Boxer Braids

rainy day hairstyles boxer braids
Consider boxer braids the next time it rains.

If you don’t want to deal with your hair at all in a rainy day sitch, why not put it up in some athleisure-chic boxer braids. Take this opportunity to add a nourishing hair leave-in treatment, like SheaMoisture 100% Virgin Coconut Oil Daily Hydration Leave-In Treatment to your ends.

7. Braided Bang

Cute Party Hairstyles high ponytail
Braided bangs are a hit at the moment! Try it out as a rainy day hairstyle. Photo credit: Dvora

If a hat is not your thing but you would love to protect your bangs from fighting a war with Mother Nature, add a braid and tuck it into an undone top knot. We also love this simple style for the days you accidentally left your umbrella at home and need a quick updo hairstyle.

8. Scarf Covering

rainy day hairstyles scarf
Cover it up with a fashionable scarf. Photo credit:

Need something just to get you from point A to point B? Throw a scarf around your style to cover your hair from rain and make sure your look is fresh when you get to your destination.

9. Twisted Updo

rainy day hairstyles twisted bun
On a rainy day your MO may not be “natural hair don’t care” because you obviously care about not having a bad hair day. Try out this simple twisted updo. Photo credit: Dvora

Rain and naturally curly hair is nature’s perfect recipe for a frizz situation, and we’re sure you don’t have the time for that! Try out this neat twisted updo hairstyle. Protect your curly fringe by twisting it and swooping it over to the side.

10. Delicate Accessories

rainy day hairstyles accessories
Add some accessories. Photo credit: Dvora

If a ponytail is inevitable for you in your future, add some delicate hair clips to step up the look. Before you leave the house, apply some Bed Head by TIGI Get Twisted Anti-Frizz Finishing Spray to your style to help prevent frizz from ruining your rainy day updos in the inclement weather.

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