Visors are Finally Cool and We Need to Talk About It

We adVISE you to try this trend ASAP.

The visor look we so often associate with moms, golfers and tennis players alike, is finally trending and high fashion. This accessory is practical and can come in many variations. Go for a sporty visor for an athletic look and to actually workout in, a straw visor is beautiful for your next beach day, and a bright color screams trendy for a photoshoot or day party. We’ve got the visor hairstyles to give you that push and go for this hot look:

visor hairstyles shorter lengths
Shorter styles look chic in visors, too!

1. Shorter Cuts

We love how bold the combo of a visor and a blunt bob are together! Whether you go for a pin-straight style or give your short ‘do some texture, this is one of the ultimate visor hairstyles.

visor hairstyles hair down
Wear your natural hair down and live it up!

2. Keep Your Hair Down

Many people associate the visor solely with sporty updos, and while that is a great look, it’s not the only one! Pop a visor overhead and keep your hair down! If you’re sporting more of a practical visor to protect yourself from the sun, it’s important to protect your hair. Although this may be stating the obvious, visors don’t cover the top of your head so most of your strands are still exposed to harsh UV rays from the sun. Spritz your locks with Bed Head by TIGI Beach Bound Protection Spray prior to putting on your visor to fight frizz and keep your hair safe from heat damage.

visor hairstyles ponytail
slick back your hair into a ponytail and pop a straw visor on. Photo credit:

3. Slick Ponytail

Bring your visor poolside at a resort and really live it up! A straw visor is vacation trendy and protective for long days lounging in a cabana. Keep your hair off your neck to stay cool by creating a slick and smooth ponytail.

visor hairstyles beachy waves
Take this look up a notch with the perfect waves.

4. Beachy Waves

Visor hairstyles are great because they serve as an interesting hair accessory and are protective. We love that visors don’t smoosh your strands like hats do. Go for the classic beachy waves to match the vibe of these protective accessories and add a level of glam at the same time! Give your waves some extra body and volume with a few pumps of Bed Head by TIGI Small Volumizing Cream. This cream will define your waves and keep them sexy and sultry all day.

visor hairstyles low bun
Pair your visor look with a chic low bun.

5. Low Chic Bun

Create one of the chicest visor hairstyles: the low bun. This style is the best of athleisure and sporty princess and it’s so easy to create. Find a fashionable visor (we love the plastic hot pink one pictured above!) and create a tight, slick, low bun. Make sure there are absolutely no flyways or bumps by applying Dove Style+Care Compressed Flexible Hold Hairspray are you brush your hair back to create the look.

visor hairstyles curls
Let your curls fly free!

6. Natural Curls

If you’ve got natural curls, show ’em off with a high ponytail and a visor. The contrast between the sleek front with the visor compared to the back with textured curls is beautiful. If you do have curls, an updo with a visor might be the best approach so your tendrils don’t get crushed.

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