20 Short Blunt-Cut Bob Styles for Every Woman

It's the style that isn't going anywhere.

Short blunt bobs are a style you can never go wrong with. From lovers of chic Parisian fashion to fans of the stylish blogger look, this cropped cut is popular with many women.

Whether you have thick, wavy, thin, or natural strands, a short blunt-cut bob can work for you. Keep scrolling to check out our top 20 short blunt bob hairstyles you need to try, stat!

20 Short Blunt Bob Haircuts to Try

It doesn’t matter if you like sleek, straight hair or undone wavy styles, there’s something for everyone when it comes to sporting a short blunt haircut. Check out our top styles below.

1. Curly Blunt Bob

girl with curly bob
Let your naturally curly texture shine.

Naturally, curly hair thrives when it’s cut in a short style. Show off your curls by sporting a short blunt-cut bob. To further define your curls, use Suave Luscious Curls Defining Cream. We love this cream because it adds bounce while providing a light hold.

2. Sleek Bob

girl with smooth straight bob and bangs
Go for a smooth look that curves under slightly.

A sleek bob paired with bangs is a style that will always be around. For a feminine look, keep your bangs cut precisely just above your eyebrows.

3. Model-Off-Duty Bob

girl with wavy bob
Try a model-off- look.

This model-off-duty-inspired bob is the perfect mix of style, edge, and classiness. The wavy texture and slightly overgrown bangs help add edge while still sticking true to the classic cut.

4. Red Bob

girl with wavy red bob
This color is perfect for fall.

Sporting copper for fall isn’t anything new, but we love how it looks with a wavy bob. This is the perfect way to warm up your look if you’re needing a change this season.

4. Side-Part Natural Bob

girl with natural hair bob side part
Add volume with a side part. Photo Credit: @ Joanna Nix-Walkup

Natural hair does really well when cut into shorter styles. You don’t need to worry about breakage as much, and if you opt for a side part, you instantly get a boost of volume.

6. Curved Under Bob

girl with jawbone length bob
Try a jaw-bone length style.

This short blunt bob haircut screams French-girl hair. Keep this chin-length bob looking youthful by curling the ends of your hair underneath itself.

7. Middle-Part Blunt Cut Bob

girl with middle part blunt bob
Middle-part blunt cut bob: The best go-to style.

Sometimes blunt bobs are best kept straight. A stick-straight style like this middle-part blunt-cut bob is super sleek.

8. Chin-Length Bob

girl with very short bob and bangs
Opt for an ultra-short bob.

Looking for a very short blunt haircut? Try out this chin-length style. It’s easy to style and involves minimal effort when getting ready.

9. Runway-Approved Bob

sleek straight bob
Go for a runway-approved style.

Precise blunt-cut bobs are the perfect statement look. To lock everything in place, use Suave Extreme Hold Unscented Aerosol Hairspray. We love this hair spray because it’ll give you a hold that lasts all day without making your hair feel crunchy or stiff.


10. Wavy Blunt Bobs

textured blunt bob and bangs
Texture adds more movement.

Adding subtle waves or embracing your natural texture is great for blunt cuts because it adds movement to your look. To enhance your waves, use Love Beauty and Planet Rice Oil and Angelica Essence Curls and Waves Cleansing Shampoo Milk and Love Beauty and Planet Rice Oil & Angelica Essence Moisturizing Hair Conditioner for Curls and Waves. We love this set because it moisturizes your hair while adding bounce.

11. Angeled Short Blunt Bob Haircut

girl with longer angled bob
Try a modern take on an angled bob.

If you want a modern approach to the short blunt bob haircut, try this angled variation. Start the length right above your collarbone and then gradually make it shorter towards the back. Pair with a side-part then you’ll be good to go!

12. French-Inspired Blunt Bobs

girl with straight French bob and bangs
Try a French bob.

When it comes to short blunt bobs, the French know how to achieve this style so effortlessly. Take inspo from this classic style and go for a chin-length short blunt haircut with piecey bangs.

13. Piecey Micro Bangs Blunt Bobs

girl with bob and micro bangs
The waviness with micro bangs gives this style a modern twist.

Make a regular bob stand out by adding piecey micro bangs to your look. The piecey look is great because they can easily be pushed to the side when needed.

14. Pops of Neon Color

black bob with neon pop of color
Add a pop of color.

Looking for a way to make your bob stand out that doesn’t involve changing the cut? Add in pops of neon blue and green. We love the high contrast this look has against dark hair.

15. Natural Hair Curly Bob

girl with natural hair bob
Bobs are great for natural hair.

If you want to cut your natural hair and want to start fresh, try out a blunt bob with bangs style!

16. Bob with Overgrown Bangs

classic bob and bangs
Overgrown bangs add a unique twist to the blunt style.

Eye-grazing, slightly overgrown bangs are one of the best additions to any short blunt bob.

17. Stick Straight Bob With Bangs

girl with straight blonde bob
An ultra-straight style is so sleek.

Love sporting straight strands? Opt for an ultra-slick look with overgrown bangs. This look makes a statement and stands out compared to variations that curve underneath your chin.

18. Bob with Curtain Bangs

girl with bob and curtain bangs
Try a trending middle part with bangs.

Need a change to your blunt cut? try adding trendy curtain bangs! This helps revamp a classic look, making it more trendy.

19. Relaxed Short Blunt Haircut

girl with relaxed blunt bob
Try a relaxed look.

If you like getting your hair relaxed, try out a middle-parted bob. This style is instantly professional and can be worn for many occasions.

20. Angeled Wavy Bob with Micro Bangs

girl with black bob angled
Go for an angled style.

Want to add a unique twist to your short blunt haircut? Add micro bangs and a slightly wavy texture to your style.

Whether you have natural hair or want to try a wavy angeled cut, there are so many ways you can sport a short blunt bob haircut.

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