How to Get French Girl Hair: Simple Tips and Tricks to Steal

French girl hair secrets ahead!

In honor of Bastille Day, which is the French Independence Day, we’re highlighting French girl hair because we simply can’t get enough of their effortless style. Many of us want to have a certain je ne sais quoi like the French, but do we really know how to get the look? Probably not. Don’t fret, implementing the French woman’s way of hair styling won’t cost you much or too little. In fact, they have a routine so simple that you won’t be needing some of your beloved heat styling tools or some of your favorite hair products. If you’re looking to try your hand at French girl hair, read on to learn how you can get the look.

french girl hair long brown straight
Chic and undone.

1. Keep it simple.

If it’s one thing the French don’t do, it’overdoingdo it. When it comes to styling your hair this means keeping the accessories to a minimum. Decorative hair accessories are just not their thing. So you probably won’t find them indulging in hair trends like bobby pin hair, or even the floral hair trend. If you must wear a hair accessory though, it’s definitely okay to use a hair tie. That, my friend, is an essential

2. Air-dry, air-dry, air-dry.

We’ve touched on the benefits of air-drying your hair, now you have all the more reason to implement this hair drying method into your hair styling routine. The French rarely use blowdryers to dry their hair. So put the blowdryer down and allow your hair to dry on it’s own even if this means leaving enough time in your schedule to allow your hair to dry before heading outside — French girls do not go outside with wet hair!

3. Embrace your texture.

For the typical French girl, the more texture the better. The French prefer hair that looks like it’s been slept on, and slightly dirty (but still clean and appropriate for stepping out into public). Give your flat iron a rest for a few days (we promise, it won’t kill you) and embrace the true undone look and feel of your hair. Opt for styles like messy waves, voluminous curlsundone buns and if you have curly hair, opt for embracing the frizz.

french girl hair air dry
Let nature help you with the airdrying process.

4. Volume is key.

If you think just wearing your hair bone straight with a clean cut set of bangs will give you the French girl hair you’ve been dreaming of, you’re doing it wrong. Swap out sleek and bone straight styles with voluminous hair instead. Sure, you can keep the fringe! To get the look, wash hair with a volumizing shampoo and conditioner system, like Dove Oxygen Moisture Shampoo and Dove Oxygen Moisture Conditioner, (which is best for fine hair types), then air-dry for texture.



Dove Oxygen Moisture Shampoo


Dove Oxygen Moisture Conditioner


5. Dry shampoo is your BFF!

French girls do not wash their hair everyday. Truth be told, you shouldn’t either unless you’re using a shampoo that’s suitable for everyday use. But if you truly are after getting French girl hair, skip the poo and opt for a dry shampoo instead. The key is to have an oil-free hairstyle at all times. When it comes to French hair, matte and refresh hair is key such as what you get from Dove Detox & Purify Dry Shampoo.



Dove Detox & Purify Dry Shampoo


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