Need a new hair regimen?
Need a new hair regimen?

Hygge Hair: An Inside Look at the Latest Hair Color Craze

10 ways to infuse warmth and coziness into your look.

The latest hair color craze pays tribute to the Scandinavian value for a quality of cosiness and comfort. Hygge is defined by that sense of comfort that engenders a feeling of contentment or well-being. Think warm blankets, a cozy fireplace paired with cups of hot chocolate, and the forts you used to build when you were a kid. If you’re wondering how hygge hair plays into this definition then think about hair color verses style or cut. Hygge hair is all about warm colors and tones that are soft and inviting. Read on for an inside look at the latest hair craze:

Hygge Hair: Color Ideas That Have a Cozy Vibe

hygge hair warm red
This warm red color is the epitome of hygge.

1. Warm Red

This warm red hair color is the epitome of hygge. The warm base and lighter soft highlights on top give the look an overall feeling of coziness and ease.

hygge hair warm fiery red
Or consider something a little brighter.

2. Fiery Red

This shade of red is a bit brighter and a whole lot more fiery. Consider this a more vibrant variation on the original look above. Keep your color vibrant by washing your strands with Suave Professionals Color Protection Shampoo and Suave Professionals Color Protection Conditioner.

Need a new hair regimen?
hygge hair warm brown highlights
Keep it subtle and simple.

3. Brown Highlights

Keep your look simple and subtle by opting for understated brown highlights.

hygge hair subtle warm blonde highlights
Add a touch of warm blonde just to the front.

4. A Touch of Blonde

If you’re not quite ready to dye all of your hair then consider just a touch of blonde. Add a little bit of warmth to the front of your hair with two streaks of blonde color.

hygge hair subtle chestnut highlights
A chestnut color works with every shade of brunette hair color.

5. Chestnut Color

This beautiful shade of chestnut hair color is flattering on all brunettes and is a low-key way to add some of that hygge warmth into your look. Show off your color and add some serious shine by running TRESemmé Keratin Smooth Shine Serum through your strands.


hygge hair slight ombre
Go for an easy transition.

6. Slight Ombré

Work another trend into your look and opt for a hygge-inspired ombré. This subtle transition isn’t too harsh and the lighter ends bring some of that warmth into your look.

hygge hair red hair
Juggle a few different shades of red.

7. Layered Color

Layer your hair colors with a few different shades of red. Infuse extra warmth into your look by adding depth and dimension with multiple shades of hair color.

hygge hair mocha brown
Hot chocolate reminiscent.

8. Mocha Brown

This mocha brown hair color is infused with hot chocolate-like strands of highlights for the warmest and coziest brunette look of them all.

hygge hair caramel infused highlights
Infuse your color with touches of caramel.

9. Caramel Infused

Scatter a soft caramel color throughout your hair by asking your stylist for subtle highlights.

hygge hair all over caramel
Or go all in.

10. All Over Caramel

Alternatively, you can go all in with your hygge hair with an all-over caramel color.

Looking for more hair color trends to get in on? Check out 25 champagne blonde hair ideas.

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