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Mermaid Waves: Create them with the New Tool that’s All Over Social Media

Try a new style while stuck at home with this foolproof tool.

Before social distancing and staying at home became the norm, we’ve already been trend-spotting a new kind of wave hairstyle taking social media by storm. Mermaid waves are a fun crossbreed of beach waves and crimps: They err on the side of more natural and convincing (and imply that you had just let your hair air-dry after a dip in the ocean), over beachy waves created with a traditional curling iron.

There are multiple ways you can create mermaid waves, the easiest being letting your hair air-dry in braids and releasing them to reveal a crimped pattern. The newest technique is using a three-barrel curling iron wand, as it’s designed to create these waves in minutes. You can find these wands online for a super affordable price.

What better way to pass the time inside than experimenting with a new hair tool? Here’s how to create some mermaid waves:

Create Mermaid Waves at Home with this Trending Hot Tool

1. Start on Clean or Second-Day Hair

This style works on freshly blow-dried hair or on some second-day hair prepped with dry shampoo. If you’re looking to create a lot of volume with this look then we recommend styling on dirty hair and getting some lift in your roots with Dove Care Between Washes Clarifying Dry Shampoo.

mermaid waves side profile
This look is so easy to create and adds a fun new texture to your style.

2. Use Heat Protectant

Before we can officially start these mermaid waves, it’s important to protect your hair from the heat of the curler. Spray some TIGI Copyright Custom Create Heat Protection Spray throughout your strands and you’re ready to get stylin’!

mermaid waves 3-barrel curler
Use a 3-barrel curling iron to create your style!

3. Let’s Get Crimpin’

It’s time to start styling! The easiest way to get a full mermaid waves look is to section off your hair and move from your under layers to the top. Alternatively, if you want a less crimped result, you can just run the 3-barrel curling iron through all of your hair at once. Start at the top of your head with the iron and clamp down, wait about 5-7 seconds and then slowly move down the section. This process is really quick and you can customize the intensity base don how long you hold the clamp down. Once you’re finished, go ahead and run your fingers through the mermaid waves to relax them and reveal the final look.

4. Finish with Some Volume… and Your Fave ’90s Accessory

Once your mermaid waves are complete, it’s time to set your style. Go with a product that will give you hold and lots of volume. We love TIGI Copyright Custom Complete Volume Finishing Spray for the job. Finish off with a scrunchie for that trendy flex, and you’re good to go.

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