How to Achieve Beach Waves Hair in 4 Ways

Everything you need to rock the beach wave.

Hair Types

You can take the girl out of the beach, but it’s a lot harder to take the beach outta the girl—especially when sexy-looking hair is involved! To wit: Although we love ourselves a good polished, structured wave, there will always be something about beach hair waves with their distinctly light and tousled-looking structure that’s airy, light and super .sophisticated Bonus: beachy waves are easy to create and can work on virtually any hair type or hair length. To help you to create these loose, messy-looking waves, we’ve collected four ways to achieve this style featuring beach waves on long hair, a heatless half-shaven beach wave hairstyle, and how to achieve waves from TRESemmé Stylist Tyler Laswell during Miami Swim Week. Read on and we’re sure you’ll be rocking beach hair in no time.

Look 1: How to Create Beach Waves Hair


Start with clean hair.

Prep your hair by getting it clean. Wash and condition your hair using moisture-rich shampoo and conditioner to clean your locks as well as to supply them with some hydration. Try out the Dove Intensive Repair Shampoo and the Dove Intensive Repair Conditioner.




Prep your tresses.

Spray your clean locks with some sea salt spray. This special formula can enhance your texture by creating volume, while giving your hair a matte sheen. Make sure that you distribute the spray evenly for optimal results.


Use a heat protectant.

Make sure you spritz your hair with a heat protectant, like the TRESsemmé Thermal Creations Heat Tamer Sprayto ensure that your hair stays protected from the heat of your curling iron.





Use a curling iron.

A curling iron will enable you to create wavy and loose curls. To start, grab a small piece of your hair as you wrap the strands in a circle around your curling iron, making sure to leave the ends free and loose.



Tighten for stellar curls.

Tighten the curling iron towards your crown to develop the shape of your curls.




Enjoy your day of having low-commitment and fun beachy hair waves.

Look 2: Flirty Beach Hair

Tips from TRESemmé Stylist Tyler Laswell 

beach waves hair tutorial blogger-worthy
Stunning beach waves as seen on Jennifer Palpallatoc of Haute Off the Rack. Photo credit: Kristen Soileau

Step 1: Divide your hair.

Split hair into four even sections on the top, bottom, right and left sides of the head.

Step 2: Add some hair mousse.

Rake some of the TRESemmé TRES Two Climate Protection Mousse through one section at a time, then blow-dry your hair using a diffuser to protect against humidity and bring out your natural wave.

Step 3: Twist your hair.

Twist each section around itself to create a rope braid,wrap into a loose bun and secure with some bobby pins.

Step 4: Blast more heat.

For added hold and texture, blast each bun with heat from the blowdryer.

Step 5: Shake out your hair.

Once cooled, release the braids, shake out with fingers and set the look with some of the TRESemmé TRES Two Climate Protection Hairspray.

Look 3: Heatless Beach Wave Hair on Half-Shaven Hair


Spray some sea salt spray.

To achieve a textured beach wave hairstyle (without any heat!), spray some salt spray, like Suave Professionals Texturizing Sea Salt Sprayliberally all over your hair.




Scrunch it up.

Use your hands to help you to create natural-looking beach waves. Scrunch your hair upward until you get the loose beachy waves you desire. Apply some mousse for additional hold.




Lock your waves in.

Set your waves in place with a holding spray, like TRESemmé Beauty-Full Volume Flexible Finish Hairspra to keep your hairstyle in place. This product will ensure that your hair waves have a flexible hold.


Look 4: How to Wear Messy Beach Wavy Hair

beach waves hair on long hair
Rock your length with fun beach waves. Photo credit: Verity Jane Smith

Step 1: Wash hair with the appropriate system.

The best way to have long wavy hair that lasts is to prep while your strands are still damp. Wash and condition your hair, then gently towel-dry.

Step 2: Apply a thermal protectant.

Use a spray that shields hair from heat damage, such as Nexxus New York Salon Care Promend Heat Protecting Mist, before blowdrying hair on a medium setting. For extra bounce, use a diffuser attachment and aim the nozzle from the ends upwards. Blow-dry your hair until it’s at least 90% dry, or just barely damp to the touch.

Step 3: Coat your hair lightly with a texturizing spray.

Holding hair around 12 inches from your head, spray an even coating of a wave-creating agent on your lengths for a beachy, salted look.

Step 4: Part your hair into sections.

Using the end of a rat-tail comb, section off the top part of your hair from one ear across to the other, divide into left and right sections and clamp each up with a duckbill clip. Begin to divide the bottom part into three sections—left, right and center—and clamp off with clips too.

Step 5: Twist sections around a closed flat iron.

A flat iron can usually give a chunkier, more deliberately tousled look to wavy hair versus a rounded curling iron. Working on the bottom sections first, take one section and insert it briefly between the two tongs before clamping the tongs shut. Next, curl hair around the closed tongs—essentially using them as a curling wand—while gently tugging hair through in bursts, creating a more angular bend. For help, check out this nifty tutorial on how to best create wavy hair with a flat iron.

Step 6: Save the hairline for last.

The hairline is a crucial section when creating wavy hair, as it’s the area that people notice the most. After you’re done curling your bottom sections, unclamp one side of your top sections and repeat the curling process with a flat iron: Insert it between the tongs to lock in the hair, then close the tongs and curl hair over and around while tugging. Ed’s tip: Twist hair away from the face for a more flattering look.

Step 7: Tousle!

Here’s the fun part: After all sections are evenly curled, gently tug each section downward to loosen the spiral. Next, run fingers vertically through hair to further separate each spiral and create a messier, beachy wavy hair feel.

Step 8: Finish with hairspray.

Lock in your new beach waves hair look with a hairspray that keeps your look in place while also keeping strands from frizzing out. To make sure you’re spraying hair evenly, form the capital letter L with your arms when spraying.

More Beach Waves Hair Tips

1. Create them at night.

To achieve longer-lasting beachy waves, you can also start at bedtime. This involves creating tight mini-twists throughout your hair using a flat iron. Hold the twists together with small ponytails and spritz your buns with some sea salt spray. In the morning, you will have some gorgeous-looking waves that last all day.

2. Use mousse for some help.

In general, hairspray should be sufficient to lock in your beach waves, but if you’re hair is prone to falling limp, you may need some styling mousse like the TRESemmé Flawless Curls Extra Hold Mousse. This product can also work to help revive any flat or limp ringlets, as it gives some bounce to your strands. After you apply the product, scrunch the mousse and your hair together as you go for bigger, rejuvenated curls.

Looking for more wavy hair ideas? Check out romantic hair from Charles Youssef at NYFW.