25 Champagne Blonde Hair Ideas for 2019

Which champagne blonde is your fave?

Who doesn’t love to match their hair color to their favorite bottle of bubbly? Okay, maybe you haven’t thought about this idea just yet, but champagne blonde is the hair color every girl is after these days. Whether you love pink champagne hair or just a standard golden-yellowish tint, here are some stunning ways to flaunt a champagne blonde hair color this season.

1. Long and Beachy

champagne blonde: beach waves
Effortless champagne blonde waves on long hair.

Give your long and texture yellow champagne blonde hue a sexy beach wave style. Set your style and give it even more texture with a few spritzes of Love Beauty Planet Coconut Milk & White Jasmine Salt Spritz Texture Spray.

2. Asymmetrical Cut

champagne blonde: asymmetrical bob
Maintain the length and color of this look and you’re bound to have good hair days every day!

Champagne blonde isn’t as striking as platinum blonde, but that does not mean you pump it up a bit and turn it into an edgy hairstyle. This asymmetrical cut gives you a subtle dose of edge.

3. Deep Side Part

champagne blonde: deep side part
Our definition of making champagne blonde look sexy.

We’d like to think of champagne blonde as the color that can do both. This hue can be playful yet sexy at the same time as evidenced in this deep side part style above.

4. Long Hair Blowout

champagne blonde: extra long hair
Straight and easy.

Keep it simple, lady. Flaunt your beautiful champagne blonde locks with an effortless blowout hairstyle.

5. Fishtail Braid

champagne blonde: fishtail braid
Can always count on a braided hairstyle.

Here’s why we love fishtail braids on lighter hair types: You can see every single detail within the plait. Darker hair tones tend to hide the details but with colors like auburn, brown hair and even champagne blonde, everything pops!

6. Ponytail

champagne blonde: ponytail with fringe
Some days you’ll just want to wear your hair up.

In the event you just wanna’ pull your hair up and let your color do its thing, opt for a simple ponytail.

7. Hollywood Waves

champagne blonde: glam waves
Ideal style for a fancy-schmancy occasion.

Need to glam your bubbly-inspired hue for a special event? Hollywood waves gives you all the glam you need. This style is best set with a lightweight hairspray for all day hold. TRESemmé Compressed Micro Mist Hairspray Boost Hold Level 3 is the perfect product for the job.

8. Hat Accessory

champagne blonde hair with hat
Put a lid on it to help protect your golden champagne blonde hair color.

One caveat of having color-treated hair: The sun is the enemy! Sure it’s pretty to see the light bounce off your strands but it can also be damaging. Put a stylish lid on it for protection and to elevate your ensemble.

9. Mix It Up

champagne blonde with platinum
Turn it up a notch with a mix of platinum blonde highlights.

You don’t have to stick to just one tone, mix up your champagne blonde hue with a pop of platinum blonde highlights to help create dimension.

10. The Lob

champagne blonde: lob
Still one of our favorite hair lengths to date.

We can’t get over this haircut just yet! Update your champagne hued mane with a fresh lob cut.

11. Windswept Locks

champagne blonde: windswept
Allow the wind to blow through your hair and embrace your sparkly blonde hair tone.

Want to learn a new hack for getting gorgeous texture? Air-dry your hair on a breezy day. Prepare your hair with a serum to protect it from the sun and head on out to get a blowout courtesy of Mother Nature. Prevent frizz by adding a hair oil like Love Beauty Planet Vetiver & Jojoba Natural Oils Infusion to your strands.

12. Long Waves

Champagne blonde hair: long loose wave
Wavy hairstyle for any season.

There’s a subtle ombré situation going on here. The top section has a beautiful and bold platinum hue then as you work your way down to the ends you have a buttery champagne blonde tone.

13. Loose Curls

champagne blonde: loose curls
Need an everyday style for your champagne blonde locks? Loose curls are versatile and easy.

We’re obsessed with this champagne cocktail situation. This loose curl style have a beautiful mixture of yellowish and orangey champagne hues.

14. Subtle Waves

champagne blonde: loose waves
Just a few waves to frame the face.

Rock a pink champagne blonde hue with barely-there waves to frame and accentuate your face shape.

15. Rose Champagne Hue

Champagne blonde: pink
Beautiful rosy hue.

Rosé may be the best wine for the summer season but this rose gold champagne hue works all year round.

16. Wash and Go

champagne blonde hair: undone waves
Scrunch and go style.

Have natural waves? Give your champagne locks the wash and go treatment. Wear your hair au naturale!

17. Tousled Hair

champagne blonde: tousled hair
The new “It girl” hairstyle.

Not a wave, not a curl, but a tousled ‘do. Ideal hairstyle for daytime and nighttime life, too!

18. Brushed Waves

champagne blonde: brushed waves
Loose and undone waves.

Create this soft texture by brushing through your hair after creating your waves with a curling wand.

19. Shiny and Long

champagne blonde: sleek hair
Keep your color nice and shiny with the right hair care system.

The key to a beautiful hair color is to keep it healthy and shiny.

20. Champagne Lowlights

champagne blonde: lowlights
A little bit of both.

Tone down a bold blonde look with champagne blonde lowlights.

21. Orange Champagne

champagne blonde: orange tone
Citrus hue.

Try this buttery-orange champagne blonde tone if you want something on the darker side.

22. Spiraled Ends

champagne blonde: spiral ends
Sexy curls at the very tips.

Elevate the look of your style with a touch of spiral curls at the ends.

23. Summer Champagne

champagne blonde with white outfits
A pop of champagne blonde.

Mix your champagne blonde hair color with white outfits to really make your hair stand out.

24. Top Knot

champagne blonde: top knot
Bun it and forget it!

Nothing else to do with your hair? A top knot bun never hurts and we just love how this makes your blonde hair ‘pop.’

25. Winter Champagne

champagne blonde: winter hair
Champagne for all season.

We all know you can indulge in champagne all year round. Pair your hair color up with a beanie in a dark color to make it stand out.