10 Champagne Blonde Hair Ideas for 2022

Which champagne blonde is your fave?

Who doesn’t love to match their hair color to their favorite bottle of bubbly? Okay, maybe you haven’t thought about this idea just yet, but champagne blonde is the hair color every girl is after these days. Whether you love pink champagne hair or just a standard golden-yellowish tint, here are some stunning ways to flaunt a champagne blonde hair color this season.

10 Champagne Blonde Hair Ideas

Here are 10 ways to wear champagne blonde hair:

1. Long Hair Blowout

champagne blonde: extra long hair
Straight and easy.

Keep it simple, lady. Flaunt your beautiful champagne blonde locks with an effortless blowout hairstyle.

2. Fishtail Braid

champagne blonde: fishtail braid
Can always count on a braided hairstyle.

Here’s why we love fishtail braids on lighter hair types: You can see every single detail within the plait. Darker hair tones tend to hide the details but with colors like auburn, brown hair and even champagne blonde, everything pops!

3. Ponytail

champagne blonde: ponytail with fringe
Some days you’ll just want to wear your hair up.

In the event you just wanna’ pull your hair up and let your color do its thing, opt for a simple ponytail.

4. Hollywood Waves

champagne blonde: glam waves
Ideal style for a fancy-schmancy occasion.

Need to glam your bubbly-inspired hue for a special event? Hollywood waves gives you all the glam you need. This style is best set with a lightweight hairspray for all day hold. TRESemmé Compressed Micro Mist Hairspray Boost Hold Level 3 is the perfect product for the job.

5. Hat Accessory

champagne blonde hair with hat
Put a lid on it to help protect your golden champagne blonde hair color.

One caveat of having color-treated hair: The sun is the enemy! Sure it’s pretty to see the light bounce off your strands but it can also be damaging. Put a stylish lid on it for protection and to elevate your ensemble.

There’s a subtle ombré situation going on here. The top section has a beautiful and bold platinum hue then as you work your way down to the ends you have a buttery champagne blonde tone.

6. Wash and Go

champagne blonde hair: undone waves
Scrunch and go style.

Have wavy hair? Give your hair the air dry method and simply wash and go!

7. Brushed Waves

champagne blonde: brushed waves
Loose and undone waves.

Create this soft texture by brushing through your hair after creating your waves with a curling wand.

8. Natural

champagne blonde natural hair
Dye your natural hair a lighter hue.

Lighten your natural hair to a champagne blonde hue. This cropped curly style is a great way to show off your fresh color and stay cool in the warmer months!

9. Air-Dried

champagne blonde long air dried
When in doubt, air dry your strands.

Long hair is a great candidate for air-dried strands as the length tends to weigh down the hair and keep it from getting frizzy. Show off your fresh color with your beautiful long strands.

10. Wavy Lob

champagne blonde wave lob
Grab your curling iron and create this laidback look.

Add some easy dimension to your lob by opting for a wavy style. Use a straightener to create bends in your hair and watch how your color comes to life. Spray Suave Dry Texture Finishing Spray throughout the finished style to add some easy texture.

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